Hello. Recently I came across a study that tested the homeopathic Lymphomyosot on lymphedema mice. It did not regenerate lymphatic vessels, but the swelling came down significantly ( probably due to anti-inflammatory benefits ). I had never heard of this and then I looked it up, I came across some forum with fellow lymphies who used tablets, most of them without any results. The stuff used with mice, however, were injections. Apparently you can buy this online... Anyone had this kind of treatment? I am not so much of a homeopathic believer :) (although since I juice a lot , my water balans is much better) and we need to be open-minded :). The study in mice seemed really professional...

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  • hey thanks for your reply! was it in tablets or injections if i can ask?

  • Can you give us the link to where it is available online? I can't find any references to trials on humans of this substance, in either tablet or infusion - with the exception of mice experiments.

  • Hey

    i only found this study on mice too with injections. i know that homeopatic sell this for a while but general medicine said that it did not help. but i guess now with study with injections in mice this will change...

  • Hi, I have primary lymphoedema in all 4 limbs. I have used Lymphomyosot drops (you take them in water) for some time and I definitely think there has been improvement. Although I have also changed my diet drastically with the help of a nutritionist as I have intestinal lymphangiectasia (lymphoedema of the gut) so it is perhaps not so straightforward to think that Lymphomyosot is solely responsible! I wasn't aware you could buy it online - mine is prescribed by a homeopath.

  • Thanks! Yes you can buy them online but i dont know if you can trust this... Happy to hear you had some improvement, even it is from other changes in food etc.

  • This all sounds very interesting. I have over the years used other homeopathic remedies (for other conditions I mean) so would be interested in reading more about Lymphomyosot tablets/drops. This is the first I have heard of this remedy so I will definitely investigate further!

  • Hey

    i will pass the link i found about the testing on mice / ... later (on android not very convenient) but it is from the company 'Heel', Germany. I have read scepsis before saying this company sells lots of non FDA approved stuff to US. But years later now a medical trial on mice did show significant reduce in swelling with mice (not by creating new vessels but by anti-inflammatory )... Sometimes hard to know who to believe ... Therefor i will make appointment this week with a 'regular' doctor who is also a homeophatic doctor to ask about this . I am very interested in the injections (although i realise any injection in le site is dangerous for infection) for the reason that this might work local..I have a very stubborn spot that will not go away ever and now it is getting more firm and fibrotic :(. So i have to check other options to reverse this... I come back with the links and the opinion from the doctor later this week. sorry for my english (not my mother language obviously :) )

  • Thanks Kharimata x

  • Hey I have been to the doctor. First she told me to try the Lymphoyosot injections. But when I told her I am allergic to penicillin (what is regularly proscribed when you get erysipelas or other skin infection) she said it was better to try the drops and gel for a longer period and see how it goes. Every needle pin can theoretically cause an infection so I understand she is very careful. I am on the drops now for 3 weeks. I must say I see some changes: I have the feeling I can do more / a day without aggravating the situation.... which is already enough for me. I am going to use it for more extra 2 months and see how it goes. I am a very active person. (well.. I used to be : / ) When I can get a little bit of that back I am already a happy person... X

  • Can you PM me the link to the online supplier?

  • Hey, I am from Belgium so most of the online suppliers that I find are in Dutch... But if you google them I am sure you will find it online for your area too. In my case I found the tablets, drops and ampules in the pharmacy next door! I paid 13 euro for 30 ml drops.. the tablets are more expensive and the ampules even more (70 euro/ package)... I have just started so to early to tell. On top of that the temperature came down dramatically this week at the same time I started so there is improvement already but could be just because it is much colder... Hmmm

  • Far too technical for me ! But I'm sure it will be of interest to members who understand such things. My Lymphodema is straight forward. My regular general practice nurse is expert in dealing with my condition. When fluid leaks from the skin surface in my legs, this happens about twice a year so then I see her twice weekly for the following ten weeks or so during which time she binds both my legs tightly with self adhesive crepe bandage which normally solves the problem for about the following six months. I hope this information is helpful to anyone who reads it.

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