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Fluoroscopy Guided MLD (FG-MLD) any therapist in London?



does anyone know of (and has anyone received) the Fluoroscopy Guided MLD (FG-MLD) technique?

I know of Jane Wigg who is training several therapists in the Greater London area, but I haven't been able to find any therapist.

It is supposed to have a much better impact in the daily management of lymphoedema and also supposed to replace the normal techniques used so far.

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes


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Some of the previously trained Leduc therapists are updating with the new FG:MLD technique - drop a line to admin@mlduk.org.uk as they may be able to put you in touch with someone. As you know, only a few people have been taught this technique in recent months.

Have to add that it is simply a different technique - many therapists will continue to use Vodder, Foeldi, Leduc and Casley-Smith training with terrific results.

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Thank you dearly Lynora. Have you ever tried it? I heard that it has longer improvements and it is a complete different system. i haven't found anyone who has tried it yet. Best. MM

Actually - why not write directly to Jane Wigg, and ask if she has trained someone from your area in this technique since it's introduction - admin@lymph.org.uk

Great! Thanks for the email address. Best wishes.


I wrote to Jane Wiggs she kindly replied after only a few hours. There is a page on facebook where one can ask the growing community of therapists in order to find one who operates in London. It's a totally new technique and it is taking a bit, I will send an update soon.


Hi, do you have the details for the facebook page? Would love to find out more.

Hi, try looking for Lymphoedema Training Academy

Dear Multimarcus,

We would be happy to have a joint consultation with a patient and their therapist where we could perform the fluoroscopy, and this would guide the therapist as to where the functioning lymphatic channels are, and where the accessory pathways are that can be utilised by any of the above "MLD" techniques.

We are based in Oxford.

Please see our website for more info, or Direct Message me if you would prefer.

Thanks LVA surgeon, it'd good yo know that you provid this service. I am still in the process of finding a therapist in the London area. Looking at contacting you when I will find one, it's proving to be harder than I originally thought. Best wishes. MM

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