Coping with Lymphoedema

I regularly read the posts on the site and am frustrated that so many people are left in the dark to manage their condition. I have primary bilateral lymphoedema and am fortunate that it is mild, although having reached the age of 45 before it was diagnosed; my legs are a mess. Those who manage to see amazing professionals like Professor Mortimer are so lucky; as indeed are those who can either afford regular MLD treatments or better still; get them on the NHS. The only thing i get through the NHS are my compression garments and i pay for everything else. HOWEVER, I do use the Lympha-Press several times a week though and it is AMAZING. Once again I am plugging my business - but the only reason i have this business is because i have lymphoedema and as a result of constantly looking for somethig I found this great product that I now import into the UK and Ireland. In the USA; this is the machine of choice that is given to the patients with lymphoedema to manage their condition (through their medi card system); and is widely used across the rest of the world. We have changed the name of the business to COMPRESSION THERAPY UK LTD - new website is coming but email if you want more information.

Honestly; I couldn't be without it and whilst i won't publish them on a public site; i have lots of endorsement from clients who now use the therapy.

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  • Is this correct? Confused!

  • Hi Christo.. it is not in the UK - although I am !! sorry for any confusion. NNE

  • Hi Bigleg; I am sorry; you have lost me! Compression Therapy UK Limited was indeed incorporated in the UK in August 2013. We have simply spun off the medical products form Body Brilliant Solutions to a business name that makes much more sense to the medical world and the many people who suffer from lymphoedema. all very straightforward. I will change my account details to reflect the corporate name change.

  • Is the press a similar type of machine to the hydroven from Huntleigh

  • Hi, it is more sophisticated; with many more cells in the garments and the ability to control pressure in each cell; sequential compression; never allowing any backflow of fluids. the garments fit over the trunk of the body ensuring that you get the massage in the abdominal area and; if your lymphoedema is in the legs and you need the trousers; then deep into the inguinal nodes in the groin. where are you based in the UK? feel free to email me privately : for more details and to book a time to try it..

  • Hi Naomi, I really need to know whether this fantastic piece of equipment is available,or can be adapted to help with lymphoedema in the arms? Thats what I have. I've been looking for something like this since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Thanks for your time.

  • Hi SpangleFox; you would need the full jacket to treat both of your arms. please feel free to contact me on my email and i will send more details. NNE

  • Please remember that it is important to seek advice from your practitioners to ensure any product is appropriate for you before purchasing

  • this is very sound advice from LSN and we work with MLD therapists on a regular basis.

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