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Compression Therapy Pumps

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I was recently forwarded a question from this blog by a client and it was about someone asking about compression therapy.

We import the Lympha Press into the UK and Ireland. I have lymphoedema myself and using the lympha-press has been truly amazing in helping manage my condition. I still see my MLD therapist on a regular basis (every 2 weeks); but my pump and trousers really help keep the swelling down and the tissue soft between visits. furthermore; my therapist can see how well it is working for me.

The Lypmpha Press trousers with 24 inflating cells, cover the whole of the trunk and work deep into the inguinal lymph nodes eliminating the risk of abdominal flooding.

The full jacket also has 24 cells. There is also a comfy arm sleeve.

This product is widely used across the the world and is new to the UK market. I will probably be in trouble for advertising a product on this forum, but there are too many people out there who don't know which way to turn and as I suffer from the condition myself I understand the emotional stress that it causes; starting with the daily fight to put on the compression garments.

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I would be most grateful if you could contact me with details as I have secondary Le in both legs and it is now spreading up into my torso. Please contact me so I can know mare about the system you are using.

Many thanks


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cancer1 in reply to Christo

hi this sounds great can you let me know the details i have lymphodema in my arm thanks lisa

I am waiting for your Scottish agent to contact me


we now have an agent covering Scotland. Can you please email me and I can forward details to you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Naomi Northen-Ellis

Body Brilliant Solutions Ltd

I have never heard of this but would love to look into this more.


Hello Ninewells!

could you please email me at and we can chat. let me know where in the UK you are based and I will make arrangements for you to try the therapy as soon as I can.



Hi, Thanks for the contact, but i am about to undergo the next round of my ops so i wont be able tio use this at the moment, but i will get back in contact once i have recovered from the next stages of my ops.

many thanks Ninewells

That is fine - hope all goes well with the ops and look forward to speaking with you when you are ready.


please get in touch about this to catherine dot gough at btinternet dot com Thank you

hi dot, i have just sent you an email. can you also email me at: just so I can be sure you get the information.

best, Naomi

I hope the firm has got in touch with people, please call them if they haven't as they are very nice, but might be very busy. All I can say is it worked for me and my mother.

Its a question of trial and error - a qualified nurse to supervise at first is helpful as the

compression machine is a medical device. We used it very gently at first working up

in pressure and time. There are contra indications I expect, but I would really urge

people not to be deterred by any MLD professional who might be afraid of being redundant.

In my opinion with these machines they could treat more people and do more good. But

just cos it worked for me and my mother it might not help everyone. But its worth trying

Please send me details about this, price etc, I live in the UK. My email is

MaxiMed specializes in providing home lymphedema pump compression therapy and devices used to treat chronic venous insufficiency and lymphedema to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

Visit more detail:---

I think most of us would love to try this therapy, but it's waaay beyond our means? 😢

Hello , I am located in Canada Montreal , is it possible to buy somehow on line these lymphedema pants and compression machine ?




The manufacturer, Mego Afek, does have a distributor in Canada. If you email them they will advise the distributor:

good luck.


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