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Lymphatica: implantable device for lymphoedema treatment

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I try to keep up to date with research into lymphoedema treatments. I recently came across a technique which is designed to re-establish lymph circulation by means of an implanted micro pump and subcutaneous catheters. It's currently under development and not yet available to patients but I thought it might be of interest to some:

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Hi thank you. Wonderful that people are trying. When you think how people suffer this could be the first hope they have. Hope by the time it’s finished it’s not too clunky. XShula

Omg this would be amazing!

I just read the details and signed up for the newsletter. Do you know anything more about this? Gosh it would be wonderful if something was available for better treatment. There is so much research going on, surely there will be good news

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Hi Buddywhite

I don't know anymore than what's in the link I've given plus I've looked at some of the references therein. I've also signed up for the newsletter. I'm hopeful that technology can enable a brighter future for lymphoedema patients.

This sounds promising especially when lymphoedema receives substantially less coverage and research funding than many other lifelong chronic conditions

Wonderful to see more innovative solutions to this chronic condition being tested. It gives me hope for a better future solution. Thank you so much for sharing.

Wow...this could be a game changer! Thanks for sharing 👍

Thanks for sharing x

I'd be interesting in how they input the catheters. General anaesthesia ? Which is an issue in itself for a lot of lymphoedema patients...

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I've also been pondering about the catheters. Maybe they could be inserted with just sedation? Might they need replacing at some point?

I think the product may not be suitable for all lymphoedema patients. But if it can help some it'll be good.

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