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Hi all, all I ever do is worry about my heart it’s becoming really bad now l. There is nothing wrong with my heart but can’t help but worry something is. My chest hurts all the time and I also get heart palpitations on and off ☹️ can some one please help me to stop worrying as it is taken over my life!☹️

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You had a chest injury , this takes time to heal and your chest will hurt while doing so , look at it like when you have a bruise it hurts till it is better

The palpitations are your anxiety but your anxiety is telling you that this is something it isn't

If there had been anything wrong with your heart they would have picked it up when you were seen , try turning all these negative thoughts to the positive explanation , I know it is not easy but if we don't we do end up driving ourselves mad and to a stage we just can't cope

Give your injury time to heal and it will , try and use as many distraction techniques as you can , be it relaxation , medication , colouring books anything till this passes and it will x

Thanks for your reply! Av had heart palpitations for a few month now the just so scary, my chest is getting better now so am glad about that. My health anxiety is at its worst at the minute I have been told stress & worry can also give you heart palpitations a just hope they pass soon & go away for good x hope you well and keeping ok xxx

Hi :-)

Glad your chest is getting better it will take time but you will get there :-)

Palpitations are so common with anxiety so just see them as your anxiety reminding you it is there and if you can try and not fear them you possibly will find they will slowly start getting less :-)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day :-) x

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