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Keep active when having an anxiety attack.

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Hi all. I am 72 and have suffered from panic/anxiety attacks since at least 20 years and for no particular reason other than I’m afraid of aging. Lol Heart in the throat seemingly going at a hundred miles an hour. Think I’m going to die, worse when I’m in a mall or in a crowd of people. I then need to go to the bathroom and many times and can’t wait to get home. I take one lorazepam at night which calms it down a fraction. But I would say I have these anxiety attacks 5 days out of 7 and mostly all day.... BUT they do go if I am active. Gardening, cleaning or anything that takes your mind of the attack... and it does eventually go. They are nasty things but nothing to worry about, just dreadfully uncomfortable. Become active the minute it starts and I promise u it will go.

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Thank you i can relate to that.

I am 63 and have the same issue with being afraid of aging. Didn't think that many others were even thinking about it the way I am. Have had panic attacks and agoraphobia since I was 15. It's good though to see that I am not alone, finding many with the same fears.

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Compared to me u are a babe in arms... Lolol but I totally understand where u are coming from. I hate it when these 40 or 50 year olds keep saying.. oh it’s only a number. Or u look ok for 72. That is not the point... I’d like to see what they have to say when they are 60 plus. With me I have 8 years till I’m 80. That’s just not funny. Yes, I worry about aging. Yes I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. Yes I go to bed at night and wonder whether I’ll wake up. Yes I panic if I get a headache thinking it’s a tumour on the brain. Yes I panic all day every day... as I am now. Huge anxiety attack. Luckily I am very healthy. Luckily... but u just don’t know what is around the corner. At 50 plus I never worried about aging. It’s only in the last 6 years and worsening as the days go by. I fear dying. Many don’t, I do. I fear aging, I fear dying and nothing can change my feelings. I don’t walk around thing about it all day but I do fear both. I’m an Aussie living in Thailand and the damn heat doesn’t help hahaha so fear not Mamasblue, u ain’t by yourself on this one ...

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Yeah, growing old is not the "golden years"'s just plain scary.

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hey jackaroo just sitting here thinking about you and wondering how you doing are and how you are feeling i enjoyed talking to you

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Hi there... well I’ve got a cold, still fear death hahaha still worry that something will happen to the boys and they will die, still an absolout moron for allowing myself to have so much fear within me... but I’ve arrived in France and have a cold from some nutter on the plane sitting behind me sneezing his head of. Tomorrow I drive to the south of France then down to Rome... I’ve pigged myself stupid on cheese cheese and more cheese hahahahaha I will be the side of a house by the time I get back to Bangkok. Oh well u only live once. Make the most of it... how are you anyway. I hope well , relaxed, good health, happy happy happy.

Love Jackie xx

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so good to hear from you. i still have lots of stupid fear myself what a pain. i love cheese all kinds most of it other people won't eat like blue cheese one of my favorites and goat cheese. sorry to hear about your cold. hope you're feeling better real soon. sounds like you're having a great time other wise. a friend of mine who just graduated and got his pharmaceutical degree just flew to Bangkok with his girl friend before he settles down to a job. it took him 31 hours to get there from philadelphia pa. i don't know what it's like to be truly happy anymore every day seems a challenge but i am trying real hard to make small changes in the way i see things. have a wonderful time and a safe trip home please keep in touch


I know this will probably not make you feel better, but I feel all those things. I am 55, and have a very bad back. I fell 2 1/2 year ago, and now have many issues. I have throbbing, feel jittery,some partial numbness in my lower extremities, and wake up shaking every morning. When all this started happening, I could only think of aging and death. Wondering who was going to take care of me, because I live alone. I thought brain tumor, cancer, and many other things. I also had heart palpitations. Went to the ER 2 weeks ago and they found nothing. Living with these issues for the rest of my life are terrifying me. My neuro put me on Gabapentin, but I do not think its the answer. You are not alone, I see many people here with issues. Communication and finding people with similar issues might help. You will see from some of these posts, you're lucky because it could be worse. Hope you feel better.

Oh wow... So do you have heart palpitations on a daily basis. Because I’ve have anxiety for 6 months now and I’ve been having palpitations for about 2 weeks now. When I read stories like yours it makes me feel better because I know I’m not in danger.

Yes, for me your words are very familiar. Your right about staying active when possible. It's like a distraction technique that I've also seen has helped me in the midst of Anxiety terror! Thanks 😊✌

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