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Is there something wrong with me...on opening the heart

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In entertaining the question “Is there something wrong with me?” What is so wrong with me? In those times when we believe we are not worth much, when we feel we are broken or small, or too this not enough that, when nothing we do makes us feel lovable and our hearts just ache so that it’s hard to give to ourselves our friend our world...We are still beautifully created. Everything about us is how it is meant to be. Beauty lives in our hearts and overflows so when we share it, it makes our friend more beautiful and strengthens our own capacity for love. Love heals .

It can be that we perfectly exist and accept ourselves even with problems and quirks, and so we exsist like anything of nature and all in a world so messy it makes minds spin. Open your heart even if this means being vulnerable. This is how you collect love and give love and healing and hope.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you no matter how another on the earth reacts to you nor what you falsely tell yourself. Do not hide your gifts and keep learning. When we are simply being ourselves, and notice our imperfections and all, we have nothing to feel ashamed of. Anc we are free. When we know this our minds will flow with peace and joy and our hearts shall glow.

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beautifully said!

Thank you Michael! Hope you are well 😃

hi starrlight. I'm hanging in there. had a semi rough night with thinking about past things. so missed some sleep.

How are you doing? Hope your day is going well so far. Hugs.

Oh so sorry to hear. How are you thoughts now? I’m zig zagging back and forth I feel like a snake good then bad good bad

Ill like Michael said, that was beautifully written!! Starr your an amazing friend💝😄 HUGS

Thanks I think you are amazing!

Did you sleep last night Kacey?

Got phone back!! Yippee😄😄😄 Been sleeping good for a few days now. Thanks for asking!!! Have you slept the last few days?? Hope you have cause sleep does a body goooood!! Not just milk. Lol. How's everything else going this weekend?

Lol! Doing some artwork today. Yup been sleeping. How’s your Sunday going?

Artwork! Ahhhhsome!! Just watching NFL games. 🏈 Denver Broncos lost😭😭😭 Hating Seattle cause they are ahead in their game!😵😵😳 Nothing else to do really! Just another day😄

Cool. Yeah another one of these days... trying to make it through...good to read you 😃

Are you doing ok Mrs Starr??? Lovely friend that you are are!! Starr is the perfect name for you😀 You brighten up each of us on here everyday! Bright like a star out in the nights sky! 🌟 How ya feeling??

Well I AM happy to hear from you but you caught me, I’m not star-like self today. I’m really run fown sick emotionally and physically but i think I will take care of myself and not push so hard like I’ve been doing.

How are you my awesome friend?

Why do you feel like you have to push so hard?? I'm sorry you don't feel 🌟 like. I think you still are! Lay down for a bit! You need to care for yourself too Starr! Your kids are old enough I think where they could go play while you rest up a bit. All is fine and dandy here

Aww glad you are fine and dandy 😆 yeah there’s always much to do around here but yes I am making myself rest now, it’s very difficult. I think a reason why I need to push hard is to make up for what I am lacking or my limitations. I expect a lot of myself.

Hello Starrlight :-)

You are a star to as others have already said how beautifully put this is :-)

I hope you are having a good day :-)

Take Care x

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Awww thank you Lulu! A star! I love it.

in reply to Starrlight

Hope your day is going well :-) x

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I’m begging the good feelings to stay atm How are you today, lovely?

in reply to Starrlight

Well still a strange stomach going on plus a migraine now so I might have a go at begging to and lets hope it works for us both :-/ x

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Starrlight in reply to

Oh no fun. Join me! Yes, begging is it! Take good care of yourself; do something so nice for yourself.

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Will do Starrlight and you do something nice for you to , shall we lock the anxiety out that would give us a break , if you find the key pass it on :-/ x

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Okay I know what I can do for me, am focusing on not caring about my nerves on this day there’s a party to go to and not feelin it and that’s okay I will just observe and have fun watching all the kiddos play! I will be passing on that key to ya!

in reply to Starrlight

I have not got the key yet are you hiding it :-D

Good attitude though just be an observer , you can learn a lot by observing :-/ x

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So yeah I’m having a bit of fun at the party and I even am talking with the other mothers. I am happy that I refused the wine ( I no longer drink) and refused the meat (now a vegetarian) but had the best artichoke hearts. The kids are fun to watch. Sorry you didnt get the key I will try with all my might to push it off to you by wind so stand outside in nature and you will find it 😆

in reply to Starrlight

O I am glad you are having a great time , I had a feeling you would because of the attitude you had , when we feel like that we always end up having a lot better time than we thought we would :-)

10.30 at night here and dark so I might have to stand outside tomorrow and see if that key drops at my feet , do hope so :-/

Enjoy the rest of your day :-) x

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Sweet dreams to you, beautiful.

What a nice inspiring post Star! Thank you 🙏🏼💜

Aww thank you so much MariaLove!!!

This is so nice..

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Starrlight in reply to ellinaki

Thank you awesome Ellinaki

Really needed this . You’re such a beautiful soul 💕

It helped you? Hope that means a lot to me! And YOU are a beautiful soul. 💕

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