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Anyone have sleep problems from anxiety

I feel tired then I go to bed can't always sleep if I do I wake up anxious and it's always the worst feeling waking up alone with the anxiety thoughts I found comfort in chamomile tea and deep breathing

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Hello :-)

Only just seen this post

I am not the best sleeper , I go to bed very late as late as 12 or even 1 but I have more chance of sleeping through the night then

Even when there are others in the house and you wake up anxious it still feels like you are on your own with it , I can get tempted to wake the hubby but then not sure what he would or could do or how happy he would be , he has enough all day never mind me waking hi in the night so I do lay there with all my fears feeling lonely

Anxiety is a pain in the you know what !

Take Care x

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Good morning I felt anxious last night knowing the black Beatles come down sometimes there were 2 in bathroom yesterday I saw one in bath then cleaned teeth jumped out my skin one in front of me on sink I managed to get them both out I went in loft opened window one was in its way out I don't want to live here I hope my mam nebours survey is bad for the couple tryner get mortgage that house was meant for me but then I'd still have to find a buyer for mine had some cider I felt down coming back here yesterday my horrible feeling from before have come back after my ordeal with the rats now I have kill more creatures which I hate doing I put the others in my garden so now there in my place of sanctuary x

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Morning :-)

Sorry you had to go through all that , it is not pleasant would have had me jumping with nerves !

I have a bad migraine today well started yesterday with aura now the headache so trying to keep away from brightness , hope it goes soon

There always seems to be something !

Hope today is a good one for you :-) x

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Yes it never ends for us sorry your migraines bad I spoke to my nephew's wife she's had diarrhea and pain again can hardly eat and thinks diverticulosis pockets in intestine have you heard of it I know some others with it maby that's what you have she gets pain near belly button she is fine sometimes it just flares up she was told not to eat meat or hard to digest foods mam's coming with soda for the loft I'm opening window again I'm lying in with my leg out the bed lol as u have got my chemotherapy cream on my cats with me bless him hope you feel better soon x

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Yes I have heard of it because they say I have that to

I am wondering the pain I get if it has been a flare up , it has crossed my mind

They say not to eat things with seeds as well as they can get stuck in the pockets

O you lay in bed and enjoy why not :-D

The sun seems to have gone again even though warm here , but not sure where the Summer is :-) x

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I'm up lol had hunger pains I don't think it's good to lay too much I start dwelling I need to stop feeling sorry for myself regarding not getting the house I wanted it's more needed I'm sure by the nice couple trying to get mortgage for it they will I'm sure want a family one day and she was beside herself apparently at it possibly falling through she loves growing veg and nature and the park they have a dog I'm blessed to have a house here already which is 23 doors from my mam I have lovely nebours next door one side grows veg now and loves talking about plants lol I was accepting things but them retched Beatles appeared, I'm anxious about yesterday my nephew came close to talk in kitchen I stood back a bit and then my mam tells me later he's been working in people's houses all over, luckily my hands were in washing up water for about a hour as I cleaned up the buffet stuff my mam kept distance down the garden I was at distance too now we got the b b q party for my niece's girl to get through in couple weeks I need to bieve my dad will guide me I felt a goosey presence yesterday morning I showed mam the hairs on legs had stood on end so why don't I just believe fate is fate and one day I will know why I didn't get the house I wanted I will work and save up and buy more premium bonds and hope to be in a position to buy a house cash without selling mine to get the money we passed a nice house overlooking park yesterday looks like some old person's died they have balconies up there and better view of lake right I feel lazy I need to get on and get my mam's for tree cut back today x

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I think we all are getting anxious when people come near us , this is something I feel will be going on a while

I am getting prepared with face masks , hand gel you name it because it may have gone quite now but I can foresee that it won't stop that way and I am not going through all what happened last time not been able to get anything because people went mad !

You have to let go I think with this house thing

I have dreadful neighbours and yes I am hoping to move but sometimes when I watch programs on TV it does make me feel grateful I have a roof over my head , some out there have nothing :-(

Glad you are up and moving , I am sure you will keep busy :-) x

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Hi yes I know I need to start councelling myself what I would tell someone else is what I have been telling myself and like I once told you about the grateful list I read a book on also the saying happiness is wanting what we have not what we havnt got, I am so grateful for my health my new job I have no mortgage or money worries, I have a lovely family my devoted cat who reads my mind he was out and about and I texted mam to say I'm coming front way pixie appeared at mam's and went to her front door yet when he left our house I was in he's done that before, mam bought me him to cheer me up when I was real poarly with my ulcerative colitis he is a pedigree and expensive my cat dog, my house has been good to me we have been through a lot of good and bad times, when I have had viewers round I have been upset and started to love my house I cried when I left my last house too my garden is Still my sanctuary even though there's a couple of Beatles as well as all the other things I need to over come my fears it was the Beatles drove me out when I had rats one on bedroom curtain lol not seen any today I am been selfish not to want that couple to get the house I want it is far too big for me even my house is too big for one really I'd get a bungalow for my bad knee but hence the view, I've a big painful bruise on my arm I fell on the door handle down 3 stairs my knee gave way I'm turning into a old person falling lol I'll be needing a neck alarm soon lol I do suffer a bit with ear imbalance too well I rang doctors asked reception about my hospital date for leg cancer thing check up she said there behind with appointments I explained it needs to be cut out if hasn't gone or will spread inside then that will be it she said I'll leave a note for the receptionist Monday to get in touch with hospital secretary as urgent but I'm not too worried as it's still 5 half weeks until I need to go I'll watch my comedy tonight not going out as I am not going out then sleeping well I'm tired out chopped a lott back on mam's front the big cherry trees keep planting soon therel be no view of park theres loads in park I don't have that problem up here yet enjoy your evening if you can hope migraines improved x

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Hello :-)

No my migraine has not improved this one is one of the worse I have ever had

You have so much to be grateful for , you are very lucky in so many ways :-)

When it gets to Monday get back on that phone again and keep phoning till they are sick of you , that leg needs sorting and make sure you keep on to them until you get that appointment !

Hope you have not hurt yourself to much with falling but yes the older we get these things start happening , we have to watch what we are doing :-)

You have a nice peaceful evening :-) x

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Good morning did you sleep ok I got to sleep late was afraid to close eyes as I keep seeing images of black Beatle, I had a laugh at my TV comedy but later saw walking across room a blackie pixie had spotted it I got a mug over it before he got it I couldn't have slept with him knowing he had a Beatle in his belly 🐜☹️I have to slide it on some thin card a bit later mam wants to see it my anxiety is coming back about been here last week mam had me helping her move her bed and stuff out her room as a giant spider was in her bedroom we never found it why are we so afraid of little creatures, I remember when had rats dying I'd come in and one day I counted about 8o big flies on window they were dosile as they had come from magnet I remember magnets coming through the tile grout the flies got in the air vents then laid the magnet that eat the dead rat the horrific rat smell would go after few days of the flies emerging all this Beatle stuff is bringing my memories of this house of horrors back I am in edge every room I go in have to check for beatle, I need to harden up maby that's why this is happening I ran away last time, how is your migraine I'm looking forward to a nice Sunday dinner tea at mam's we had gearge foreman b b q yesterday outside under the big umbererlla I don't know what I'll do when mam dies it be just me and pixie and the George foreman grill we did garlic bread on it too lol hope you have a good day x

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Hello :-)

Mrs Health Anxiety here

I slept ok thank you I was worn out with this migraine , they always leave me feeling like this plus worried myself tired over this pain in my stomach

Sorry you did not sleep so well , all those thoughts on your mind will have kept you awake

I don't think you need to harden up more like try and deal with the situation and remember they cannot harm you unpleasant but cannot cause you harm

Sounds though with the BBQ and dinner with your Mum you have had a nice weekend and I think it might be a nice day weather wise today to :-)

Try not to think to far ahead ( even though I had to chuckle with your thought of it will be you and your George Foreman grill ) but live and enjoy today as the saying goes we only have today tomorrow is a mystery and you have today to enjoy a lovely Sunday dinner with your Mum :-) x

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Hi yes there's a saying I like think it goes like yesterday is history tomorrow a mistery and the present is a gift well I got the Beatle saved and bottom garden mam came with fly killer and soda I sent mad I saved it and put it back with nature she came to kill it well I have put some soda and icing sugar in the loft I know it needs sorting but if there breeding up there it's the eggs need destroying to stop the cycle I don't know where they are they lead a horrible existence up there no food and die anyway but I'm not sure how there's some that are big maby coming in from outside my ex brother in law down the tenfort said he keeps seeing odd one on carpet that's how mine started and I read ground Beatles don't fly but do get about fast I feel quite downcast I spoke to mam's nebour she said if survey shows work needing on her house the building society will just hold some money back until jobs get done so looks like at least I'll have osure once that sale goes through and maby my house will look totally different with a complete make over and will help to sell if in the future I need to I'm at mam's now and trying to De clutter garden the house is big and I think it attracts more clutter and hording I'm lacking in storage space both my house and garden but maby that's a good think my dad had stuff from about 55 years ago he never through anything out just the food waiste he even kept food cardboard covers and anything he though may come in handy I do tent to not like waiste and it's hard throwing nice re useable dish type things away that can be used for baking but end up with cuboatd full lol hope you have a peaceful day x

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You will get there and sort it all out :-) x

Hello :-)

Wondered where you had got to :-)

Sorry you still seemed so stressed with all this housing situation

I am not having a good day to be honest , migraine not as bad but still lingering and stomach not cured

I am low so not much to say tonight but nice to see your message :-) x

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Hi just wondered how you are I'm also sorting myself out sleeping at mam's and been in touch with a a she understands I need help now and that it is not that easy for people with alcohol problems hope you are ok x

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Hello I am not well at the moment , I will answer in more detail when I am feeling better x

Hi I'm in a bad way I wouldn't ask if not need help I kept trying a a bit not available how do I stop drinking please I reached the point where I just want it no breakfast my mam is kind of helping now I'm back there she realises it's a ullness how are you x

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