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I have major health anxiety

I've been ok for months off the pills etc... but last few days I've been having a pain in my left side like nesr armpit, it was kinda aching when I breathed in but I took some ibrofen and it's eased it loads, but it was worse when lay on my left side and completely gone when laying on back or right side, I have been exercising and was usuing left arm sat/Sunday to push down so I'm thinking it's just that but in back of my mind I have a major problem with my heart.......and I woke up with a blood spot in my eye yesterday

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Hello :-)

I know how awful it is when we have health anxiety , everything and anything has to be the worst scenario ever , it can never be simple with us and yet whatever we are freaking out over usually is just that something simple that our anxiety has blown up into something major

Sounds like you have pulled a muscle even though I am not a doctor but very much sounds like this is the simple explanation

As for the blood spot in your eye these are very common I get them all the time

I would say try not to worry but not sure that will be as easy as said but if you can change those negative thoughts your anxiety is creating and tell yourself this is my anxiety blowing this up out of proportion then it does help :-)

I would give both till at least the middle of the week and see how they are then , if they get worse or are still troubling you then see your Doctor mainly to give you peace of mind :-)

You say you have stopped taking medication , was there a reason you stopped if it was helping ?

Maybe if your anxiety starts getting worse it could be something to talk with your Doctor about if it would be wort taking the meds again :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


I stopped taking them as my partner left me and he was making me worse I only have a few bad spells every now and then , I popped to the opticians earlier and he said eye is completely normal so that's nothing to worry about :) just the muscle now xxx


Sorry to hear that about your partner :-(

Well that is one ticked of the list the eye is normal which I thought it would be :-)

And I am sure you have pulled a muscle which is causing the other thing but if been reassured will help then I hope you get to speak with your Doctor :-) x


Well it's not been bad today only notice slight niggle when when I lay on that side... so I'm thinking if it was anything bad it'll be there all the time right ????


Hello :-)

I agree , and when we strain a muscle like it sounds like you did the pain gets less but we can feel twinges now and again , it may be when you lay on that side it is pulling it and it can take several weeks to go altogether but it is a good sign that there is a big improvement :-)

My Dad suffered with his heart and had several heart attacks and I can tell you I never heard him mention once what you are describing as one of the symptoms he had , I am sure you will be fine but still let us know how you are :-) x


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