Constant anxiety

I have been on 10mg of citalopram from almost a month now and I feel as if it isn't working anymore. I had stopped smoking and wasn't earrings bad but wasn't eating healthy. Recently I started smoking again (quit again yesterday) and had bad attacks due to soda. I was wondering if anyone always feels the effects of anxiety. I am always dizzy now and tired. Also my ear and eye started hurting really bad causing me to get a headache right above my eye. Does anyone else experience constant anxiety?

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  • Hello

    Sometimes it takes at least 6 weeks to 8 weeks before you feel the benefits of these kinds of medication you have to try & stick with them , maybe you have stopped them a little to soon

    I would go back & speak with your doctor , tell them what you found & how you are feeling & I am sure they will advise you what to do x

  • Thank you for your reply. I haven't stopped taking them at all I just feel like I need a higher dosage but I understand what you're saying. I will wait it out another month and see how it goes.

  • I am on 10g also and was getting lots of side affects. Probably a mixture of Anxiety and the medication. Now in my 6th week and, although not completely there yet I feel lots better. Your symptoms sound common and because you are down with the anxiety you are thinking about the symptoms and exaggerating them. Go with it train your mind to not think about them. Do a jigsaw or watch a scary film you will get there. Work with your Dr. Good luck

  • I've had Citalopram 20 mg in the past, currently on different medication due to other factors. It took 4 weeks or so for it to make a difference but it did seem to work well for the anxiety. It was frustrating at the time and I wen to back to my GP several times to review progress. Perhaps you need to review it with your GP as the dosage might need to be increased or be given longer to work.

  • How are you getting on now? I'm on citalopram too (after trying all sorts of other over the counter pills, relaxation tapes etc) and my doctor started me on 20mg a day. It was very unpleasant to start with but over 4 - 6 weeks gradually the improvements started to show. When I went back for a review at 8 weeks in I explain that I was seeing some benefits but I didn't feel it was completely under control as yet the doctor said I may benefit from a slightly higher dose and let me increase through 25 to 30mg daily. I'm finding that this seems to be a good dose for me, my anxiety has 90% all disappeared, so maybe you too need to more up a step with the citalopram. Good luck, anyway.

  • thank you. I actually started taking 20mg and feel much better

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