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Living with Anxiety
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General anxiety and stress

Hi everyone!

My first post in this community and am new to the site also. I am having some general anxiety about life.. feeling cooped up inside (rainy/winter day) and stressed about life events. I feel stressed about college, graduating, finding a job, money, and my personal life as always. I've noticed the past few week that I have been more irritable than lately and tend to get frustrated with little things at home.. esp. my 14 year old very vocal chihuahua. I also seem stuck in a rut with not moving any direction or making serious life decisions/ goals.

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I know where you are coming from. So much at once is so overwhelming. Try to put what is most important to you first. Then one by one continue. I found many times when finding a conclusion to one problem you found a conclusion to others as well.

Try not to put everything in one place and seeing it as one problem. That is when anxiety comes in.

Such actions is what I had to do and it all ended up taking care of itself.

Try not to overwhelm yourself. You will find the right direction to go in. When you do you will also find more answers to your other concerns.

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Hello Christinh01 & Welcome :-)

It is easier said than done when we say " Don't Worry " even though worrying never ever changes the outcome of anything but the anxious mind makes us believe otherwise

You sound young with mentioning collage and getting a job etc and I know even though I have to think back quite a few years now that the world can seem daunting when we have to start thinking about standing on our own to feet and how will we do it , but we do :-)

Take one thing at a time and firstly your graduation which is something you should be proud of achieving , the rest will come and fall into place :-)

Happy New Year to you :-)

Take Care x

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Hi lulu! Thank you for advice! This is actually my second go around at collage after a divorce :)

But it does feel like standing on my own two feet again and figuring out life. Thank you :)


Hello :-)

A mature student we shall say then you are :-)

Any changes feels this way it is normal , just take a day at a time , things will when the time is right fall into place :-)

If you need to talk you know where we are :-) x


Life challenges has a way of throwing us of board sometimes mentally and emotionally. Being fearful of what might happen in the future or worrying about the past may at times rob you of peace for the day. But in all that, we have to stay hopeful and positive even if we don’t know what to do. We all go through these cycles every now and then. Uncertainty at every stage in our life. But one thing I have learnt to do is, if I don’t have the power to change situation or make things happen I prepare are let life take it cause. It’s easier said right- lol but we have to keep trying. Sometimes we also have to think about what is working in our life to encourage us. If it’s something you think you need help with you can ask around for resources available to you. Our mind Will always play the “what if” trick on us before we even face our challenge. And then when we get to that point with help and effort here and there we realized that its not as difficult as we thought. For you to be at college means you are determined and hard working. Don’t give up on yourself. You’ve got what it takes to go through it. by the time you are done with applications here and there God will smile on you and show you His favor. All shall be well

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