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I had this sudden come and go wave of pressure that was at the top of my head & my forehead kind of felt like something pushing down on my brain in those areas it felt very heavy or like a pressure that was going to explode , it lasted like 2 seconds I’ve also been having like stinging and twitching all over my head . I’ve been to like 5 ER’s have had every test doctors find nothing I’m 19 a vegetarian eat pretty healthy try to exercise when I can. I use to randomly have have panic attacks out the blue but I rarely do now and I still feel bad. If Any one know what this could be or have any suggestions I would appreciate it, thank u best wishes.

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I actually get this a lot. And I’m actually getting it right now. Thus why I’m on here. I had an CAT scan and an mri with contrast a couple weeks ago and it all came back normal. And now I’m getting all of thagain we symtoms of head flush. Itchy scalp and just intense intense pressure everywhere around my head. I’m just over it honestly. Ugh. Hopefully you feel better.

Thanks you too

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