Any one tell me what symptoms you get for agoraphobia because when I get the energy to get dressed to try and go somewhere I always think of myself collapsing in a shop or walking with me kids a can not go in supermarkets etc can't stand in quies even walking feels as though it's not real I start going all funny and weak and I clench me hands and feet it's awful so fed up even just sat here watching tele I can't stop thinking of bad things happening I'm thinking of when I go to sleep I hope I don't start sinking and I hope I wake up normal and not feel hungover it's really not normal can't even talj to my own mam when she comes to visit me about it because she says it's mostly in my head I read in to things to much this is what she thinks. But she knows nothing how I feel so I feel like going crazy when she says that she should support me she try to tell me to go to town with her etc. And I can't sometimes I can and I just don't feel real a think everyone is staring at me a go all hot me face starts going red me head feels asif it's hanging of. One time I was in Wilkinson and I knelt down to get some shampoo a could feel myself burning up as I got up it was like a was in a elevator couldn't feel my legs it was like zombie land I ran out the shop how I even managed to run I don't no because there was no feeling in me legs it was awful very scary. Even when I'm at home cleaning doing pots etc I bounce and grip the sink because feels as though I'm falling my life is not normal it feels as though I'm high on weed everyday I also smoked it ten year ago I think that's what's made me the way I am today. My kids keep me going hard work but worth it especially my baby Tommy who needs my attention

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  • agoraphobia is a terrable thing it all sterted 18yrs ago i was at work one day when everything started spinning sweat dripping of me and heart pumping i thought this is it but at the time i was 120 feet high doing steeple jack just didnt know what to do and i was on my own eventually got the courage to absail down thats the day it all went wrong i started not going out in case it happend again worse mistake of my life giving in is so easy fighting is very hard.Once you start givving in you dont want to go out because of what might happen like calapsing and everyone starring at you but in reality how many times has it happened i dont know you but i bet its never happened and it never will happen not wiyh anxiety anyway plz dont give in it takes 20times longer to sort it out if you do.I lost all my family and friends because when they came to see me i would pretend to be out so they stopped coming i had nobody to talk to and then started suffering bad deprestion i was goosed basicly i lost everything home family job even my dog ran away lol honestly i had not hing so when you give in even though you cant help it thats when agoraphobia jumps out and grabs ya and so hard to shake off so try very hard i know you are but that litle bit more deffenatly helps take care and god bless ps i wish i could splle

  • Lol ye spelling needs checking did you go to school ha ha only joking. And ano I understand but it's really hard ye my own mam goes mad because she knows I'm a happy go lucky girl it's like if I go to McDonald's or were ever I won't sit in there and eat even cafes I will not go my partner does all my shopping and I wish he wouldn't I look at him now asleep and think how easy his life is why can't it be him and not me sounds nasty lol but that's the way I am. Any way I've felt ok today just mornings are worse like a don't like getting up but as soon as my eyes open no matter if it six o'clock I have to get up when I was pregnant I was fine all my symptoms seemed to be mild it's when I'm back to me normal self a mean not been pregnant it hits me hard but when I was pregnant I have been five times with is a lot ha ha my midwife had to do home visits I don't no what's up my pulse was always fast blood pressure was fine. I can't understand how horrible anxiety is I still Dont believe any ones like me my head can't take that in can I have your head ha ha would be better than mine

  • So your basically back to normal that's good to hear I'm jealous 😁

  • no really im not back to nor rmal but nearly there i dont do taxis now because i still dont partiicually like been to far away from home see its still there i skeard in case i have a pannick attack i do no i will be able to controll it by breathing propley and relaxing but its still horrible .i also suffer with ocd which dosent help with work ill be in a field at 5.30 am mucking out and not finish till about 8or9 pm and look after my dad inbetween so to be honest keeping busy is best for me

  • Ye keep busy is good ocd must be awful

  • Hello

    Agoraphobia is when we have a fear of going out and in a lot of cases we can not leave the house at all , it sounds like you have anxiety but thank goodness you are still getting out even though you are having these awful episodes when you are out which I know makes you feel you would rather stop in but that is when full blown agoraphobia can take hold so as hard as it feels keep getting out but what I would do is go and see your Doctor even if you have been before because you need some general help with your anxiety and how to manage it and they can give you that support

    Remember that anxiety is a fear and gives you all the symptoms you describe , it likes to keep a hold of us but if you can face that fear and tell yourself you know what it is which is anxiety , feels dreadful but won't harm you then the less control you let it have over you it gradually gets better , I know this is not easy not easy at all but with practice and lot's of patience with yourself it can be achieved

    Your Son is gorgeous :-)

    Take Care x

  • Or thank-you makes me feel so much better talking to people like ya self who do understand and ye 3 year ago I didn't go out for nearly 7month and was getting really down crying etc a hardly go anywhere tbh but ano even if it's for a walk round the block that's a start just feels so crazy walking like zombie lol. My mam says laugh about it but that's to hard it's awful I don't get panicky like loosing me breath touch wood it's all other symptoms it's crazy. And ye he's newest addition he's called Tommy ha ha he's my little side kick how I managed through my pregnancy il never no even though I have another four boys this pregnancy was mad everyday I kept googling how my labour would be will I bleed to death will he be gorgeous etc was so odd I'm just living in fear. When you sit there do you sway to yaself I'd like to ask xx

  • Wow with 4 boys to look after I would be swaying :-D

    You have got your hands full , I hope you get some time for yourself and if not try and make some , even if it is going and having a long bath and letting everyone no you will not be available for half an hour at least !

    Some of how you feel I am wondering if you are shattered and tired out this could give you some of these symptoms or contribute to them

    Have you had your ears checked

    Sometimes we can get an inner ear imbalance which can give this swaying sensation , I get it and I get vertigo which when I have had a cold makes it worse , just had one and yes I am swaying in fact when I walk I feel like I am falling over but I know it will pass and that is what you have to keep telling yourself this will pass it won't harm me , just like the anxiety has convinced us of all these dreadful things we have to start reversing the way we react and think and let it know we are not letting it have the power over us anymore x

  • I have 5 boys lol brandons my oldest he's 10 plays for Middlesbrough academy Dylans 7 he also plays football ⚽ jacks 6 masons 3 and tommys 10ten weeks I am shattered exhausted lol ye I have bad ears vertigo had it four year it's awful it runs in my family I dernt go to doctors lol x

  • O don't be afraid to go to the Doctors , I no when you have this fear it is easier said than done but try & pluck up the courage because they could help you so much especially with your ear problem which could reduce your symptoms , tell yourself what is the worse thing that can happen by going to the Doctors ...only thing that can happen is they make you feel a lot better than what you feel now :-) You can come on here and get support from others who will know how you are feeling before your appointment ....Well that is a lot of Football kits to wash :-D x

  • Lol ye I no my ears are terrible and ye plenty of washing ha ha I need to pluck up the courage to go tbh in time I will step by step a need these symptoms to stop tho

  • I lost you somewhere, what is wrong with your ears? you sound so sad.

  • Well years ago I had inner ear infection and perforated ear drum but since then never been right it's always blocked and pops but also can hear crackling when a move it so a think it's loads of wax tbh because I'm always of balance and dizzy but also have anxiety I'm OK for now

  • Ye I always sway and rock lol but that passes after a while and cuts back but anxiety symptoms never go x

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