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Just to let you know that I have looked on here in the past when I was really low, I tried a lot of antidepressants that never really worked and could not see a way out.

Please just stick with Citalapram it may take 8-12 weeks to fully work but it works,the first couple of weeks seem like a lifetime but please stick with it you will get there in the end


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Hello Paul2450 :-)

Nice to read a post that is positive and encouraging and also nice to know that even though this site is quite people do read posts and they help :-)

Yes I agree medication is not always a quick fix and can take weeks but your experience as you say if you hang on in there they can work :-)

I hope it long continues for you and a Happy New Year to you to and all the best for 2019 :-)

Take Care x

Hi Kirsty

I could not sleep for the first couple of weeks, which makes it worse, I took my tablet in morning which definitely helps.

Also at night I would take a Zopliclone to help me sleep.

I was on 20mg a day at start it takes 4-6 weeks, going up can put you back to the beginning again.

I am now on 30mg but only up after started feeling like I was going back into the hole again, it got me out and I just carried on as usual.

Think I would leave it for a couple more weeks at 10 and see how you feel.

They do work


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