Weed and anxiety

This is both a post and a quesgion i think..

Any way.. Hello it's me again..

So today I smoked one full hit and 2 very little ones of weed my trusted buddy gave me now I take zoloft 50 mlg to be exact but I was scared to take any more than one good hit of weed to make sure nothing bad happened or I wouldn't tweak..

Let's get to the fun parts well I was high it felt amazing like I wasn't even nervous like it was marvelous...

Few hours passed and my high went away :'( and now I just feel very lathargic and very like bored so to speak and this is kinda giving me anxiety as I don't know how I will feel tomorrow or if it's bad..

I feel as though I regretted that toke today but I truly didn't I am only thinking it because of the "after high"

Idk maybe I'm just thinking too much (yes I know pot causes more anxiety and paranoia but I have smpled before but not on zoloft or any medivine and I tweaked (anxiety) I just wanna make sure that it's nothing to be alarmed about and that ts simply me just being "hung over" or just the low side of pot.. otherwise I'll freak out and think I mesed up some of my brain chemistry (which is what I feared to begin with but said screw it and I toked up)

Any pot heads with anxiety or zoloft users please tell me how you feel after your high leaves you (I smoked at 4pm ish and it's 9 o clock pm now and reminder only 1BIG HIT and 2 baby ones) thank you in advance

Every time I feel my anxiety coming I say it's all good man your gonna be just fine and I focus on my breathing and everything else I just feel tired and it worries me.. is this normal.. will pot ruin my brain chemistry..

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  • I GET THW SAME After i take a xanax i feel that calming high and once it wears off i freak out like how will i feel tomorrow what if i get a bad attack from the after high. I know exactly what you mean but dont think that way because your just provoking it. Trust me ive learned the hard way :( i use to be a big ass weedhead and because of that i got panic disorder.....

  • Yeah I had panic disorder I still do its weird cause that weird feeling went away but every time I smell the weed I just smoked I feel a tad anxious (like I'm about to get caught or that feeling I feel before taking that first toke in awhile and yes this is exactly what I feel but I got rid of the feeling as I played ps4 xD mAn,was I in the zone also I never tasted food so good in my damn life! One hit was all it took for me ! Of course my girlfriend was here and helped me (she's my mobile comfort zone) only thing I fear about tomorrow is what will happen when I take my zoloft in the AM after I smoked and I did miss it today on purpose and I felt amazing before smoking weed which is weird cause I had very little signs of anxiety attack when going out my comfort zone but when I am on my zoloft I feel nothing as good as what I felt with out it.. very strange but placebo it could be? Idk.. I'm at loss for what the reason was but I guess zoloft and pot for me wasn't too bad just coming down from the high was very anxious I'll keep you posted guys on hw I feel when I take my zoloft tomorrow

  • Wait you felt that during pot or xanax? I was referring to pot lol

  • Lol yeah i know.. I cant amoke weed because i get very very bad anxiety. I got panic disorder because of smoking weed it messed up my brain chemistry i cant even stay relaxed at a

    Times without getting paranoid for no reason. So i take xanax to calm me down. Just dont stop taking your meds. Because i did that and my anxiety came right back.

  • Well I wouldn't cold turkey aNY thing like ssris also I used to think weed gave me anxiety disorders that I live with now but it's actually not the case because I still smoke and if I have a clear mind I'm perfectly fine I will say this how ever that because pot makes your anxiety appear worse you actually become a fear of fear so I don't think you had the pot cause your anxiety disorders I think that what happened was you tweaked and then you became afraid ever since you tweaked and like me you haven't been the same due to the fear of fear (fear of having an episode)

  • You might be absolutely right i was pregnant and didnt know i was when i smoked and had a bad high (when i got my first anxiety attack) and later that day i a oked again and i kept getting A panic attack so i quit. Then i found out i was pregnant. So after i had my baby i smoked again and kept getti g anxiety so i just quit and never smoked again.

  • Yeah sounds like pot makes your anxiety feel 10 x worse then it actually is I just took my pill today after I smoked yesterday and I think it kicked in because I'm not anxious about taking it anymore and I realize that life is the only thing in my control death is not and never will be

  • Exactly. What meds do you take?

  • Only 50 mlg of zoloft which is a pill and half (just putting it out their)

    I like to be dependant on myself rather than drugs.. especially drugs that we aren't known about

  • Yeah i know what u mean. At first they gave me klonopin (Had nooo idea what that was) & it helped me soooooo Much iam on xanax right now and i dont like to depend on them but lately they have been saving me from panic attacks. Especially random ones

  • See I just can't do that to myself.. I made sure I would never have to depend on a drug to ease my anxiety I realized it will never leave my life but I also realized I cannot give it the power to control my life either and when you realize it's not deadly no matter how bad you feel it's the confidence that you stuck strong and pushed through it that gets you through the future attacks and that's all I need I continue to tell my doctor I don't wanna be on pills and him getting paid a lot of money from my parents he doesn't wanna stop so what is his solution trying a new pill that's all this world runs off now is MONEY and I'm fed up with it... I was told I had ADHD and I'm adopted my adopted parents were to old to handle my kid like energy so they made m take all this cap such as adderall concerta and respirdol when I was in high school they moved me on to adderall and respirdol I cold turkey them both and never said anything to the doctor or.my parents instead I sold the adderall to other kids who wanted to do good in class lol made a lot of money but the guilt caught up to me and I ratted myself out about the cold turkey part not the selling xP any way I might ween myself off zoloft before I get to the point I have taken it too long to where it becomes harder on the withdrawal symptoms back to you though you should look up empaths see if that is you I know I experience a little of it myself which is part of my nervousness and anxiety besides my past childhood being a nightmare

  • Simple answer: in the long run yes

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