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Anxiety/Physical Symptoms?

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I will try to keep this brief because the last few months for me have been pure hell. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, starting back in August 2018 when I returned from a trip out of the country. I got extremely sick coming back and ultimately passed it on to my daughter, who had to be rushed to the ER because she was so sick. Ultimately my daughter recovered, but I broke down thinking I gave her something horrible and possibly might have killed her. I got somewhat better, but was under a lot of stress with work. I went on a cruise in mid-September and during the cruise I started to get a lot of pressure in my sinus area and horrible tension headaches, something I have never experienced. When I came back, I felt "imbalanced" when walking and my legs were tense...didn't think to much of it and hoped it went away. Well, days went by and the imbalance feeling never left. My anxiety went into over drive and I would start to feel dizzy and "vibrations" when laying down in my body. Again, I was extremely busy and stressed with my job the whole time this was going on, all the while not getting much sleep (I have a 3 year old that my wife and I are trying to get to sleep on her on). Weeks go by and no change and the stress keeps piling on with work and ultimately I go to an ENT who tells me I have a horrible sinus infection. I have this "balloon" procedure done, opening up my sinuses. Also, I was tested for allergies and apparently I'm allergic to wheat, mold, dust and a laundry list of trees (ones that are all around me)...ENT doctor even said "I don't know how you walk outside." I finish the procedure and ultimately I can breath much better, but the imbalance and vibration feelings are still with me. I have seen a few GPs, ENT, Neurologist, Counselor and even a hypnotherapist during this time, all of which conclude it is related to: sinuses, allergies, stress & anxiety. In addition, I have had an MRI and CT of the brain, which found nothing. As much as I want to truly believe this is stress caused, part of me just leans towards that it is something much more greater. During all this time I have had horrible "luck" (if there is such a thing), work has been shitty, no sleep, totaled a car, found a massive mold problem in our AC, water heater burst, found out my mother re-lapsed...and these are just the ones I'm remembering right now...all this in a 2-3 month span. I'm mentally and physically exhausted...does anyone have any advice or been through something similar...I feel like I'm drowning.

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Oh i feel for you. So sorry your going through this i am too. Can relate to you thinking there is more going on as i have been like that for last 2 years. Started with vibrations in legs then stinging and tingling strange sensations that go through nody scare the crap out of me. Don't seem to get any answers. My legs feel so strange at times i just want to cry. My partner doesn't seem to understand how i feel so i just have to try and keep going. Anxiety feeds on anxiety so the more we focus on the symptoms the worse they become. I know this as sometimes i can feel ok for a couple of hours then back the symptoms come again very debilitating i must say.

Do you still have physical symptoms? Did they turn out to be just anxiety

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Yes, but it has calmed down a lot in the past 6-8 weeks or so. Best thing that helped me was reading Claire Weekes. I was in total stressed out mode months ago and it took a massive toll on my body and mind. Man, I worried about MS, brain tumor, Parkisons, ALS - everything. As time went on I noticed I was never getting "worse" and after tests galore, I finally accepted it was anxiety. Not saying I don't have my days, but it has been a lot better.

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