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severe health anxiety

hey everyone im new to this and have never posted before but im so tired and fed up been to so many doctors and nobody can tell me whats wrong with me. i have suffered with health anxiety since i was about 15 and i am now 24 it went away for a long time but after i had my second child it came back again with a vengeance it started with a sinus infection to thinking i was dying everyday from something i thought it was a brain tumor and when 3 doctors told me it was not i walked into the ER complaining of head pains and they finally game me a scan which came back clear. now in the last few days ive convinced myself i have MS, THROAT CANCER, LUNG CANCER, AND NOW IT IS BREAST CANCER and sinud cancer :(. i have a weird numbness feeling i get in my face more like a feeling of fullness which freaks me out and i just feel so generally weak and tired and dizzy all the time im affecting my husband and my kids my oldest one is 3 and she says everyday mommy im sick. or mommy is sick and its making me feel terrible everyday i feel like today is my last day and im dying from a terrible illness they have not found i cant keep up i find myself crying or googiling multiple times a day feel so helpless. thinking about leaving my kids without a mother and i cant even make plans my daughters birthday is coming up and i keep thinking im going to be dead by then :(

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Oh dear! I would recommend finding a good therapist to help you find why you experience this and how to manage it. My son, 21, and I both have this to a small extent, but even then can be terrifying. My main advice is to stop using the Internet for this! It will always list the worst possible causes for a symptom and is not helpful! No computer! And find a good therapist! I'll be praying for you and you're family.

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Dont be getting too worried. I just showed your post to my husband he said you are describing me. Try to convince yourself its just anxiety. I feel for you.


I'm the exact same I'm new to this site haven't ad a wink of sleep as I think I'm dying


Hi there this sounds like sivere anxiety ,i have just got through a really bad section of it i had headaches diareah and vomiting numbness throughout my body and very tight chest.hopes this helps.I have been put on fluoroxitine capsules 60 mg.Anxiety ais a very hard rd.Hope you feel better soon


Wow very similar to my story I also got like this after my second child, had many symptoms thought there was something wrong got checked out had blood tests scans etc went to 5 different doctors, went to a phychiatrist and 2 different psychologists everyone said it was anxiety. It's been a year and a half since it all started and I can say that finally I think I'm getting on track. I'm starting to believe it's all to do with postpartum anxiety depression and hormones, which I think is the case with you too. What has helped me the most is a book called DARE and applying it's techniques. You really have to believe that you are healthy and accept that it's anxiety/depression once you fully accept and believe it then you can start to get better. I have also started exercising and I think that helps too, now I am trying to work on my diet as I believe this is very important too. I'm hoping the best for you, it will get better xxx


This sounds familiar. I had anxiety as a teen and it came back suddenly after I had a child. It's been four years since it started, of full on anxiety. I've had therapy which really did help both with what I suffered and how to cope, and I'm now on meds.

I think it's hormones too. It's exhausting trying to get doctors to take you seriously. The symptoms are real. I got v frustrated when they just said the cause was stress no matter what my symptom was. Being on here gave me strength to just tell the doc I had anxiety. Guess I diagnosed myself! Now I accept that I have it, it makes the symptoms easier to manage.

I have very bad days still but overall I'm better. You're doing an amazing job if you have multiple kids, husband plus your own life to cope with. But we do do that for our families don't we?

Seek out counselling or therapy. It really help and even the most basic thing of having someone who takes your troubles seriously is a big support.

Good luck. -worrymagoc


Been there and those were some of the hardest years of my life. No one understood it, even doctors, no one that is except the people who had overcome it themselves. Here's a great podcast I made that I think will help you get on the right path -


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