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I must have something wrong with me???? Help with Health Anxiety!!!

Hi. I am very new to all this. Never posted on anything like this before but I just feel I dont know where to turn. I have suffered with anxiety all my life but usually I can control it so it doesnt take over my life completely. But now its well and truely got a hold of me :-(. I cant stop these feelings that i have a terminal illness (ie the big C). I have physical symptoms which docs can not find any diagnosis for, but to me they havent done enough tests. I feel like they are just shrugging me off and missing something really serious. I live in constant fear that im dying. I try to tell myself i have to trust the docs but i just cant. I need constant reassurance that im ok, but when they try to reassure me i dont believe them

I just cant see an escape from this. I am currently taking a beta blocker, propanol (excuse spelling) but they dont seem to be working (been taking them 9 days now??). Also been referred for therapy/counselling but as we all know this could take months on the NHS. I just dont know what to do with myself?? I cant go on like this. I have 2 small children and Im struggling to keep the pretence going that Mummy is fine. Kids are not stupid, I feel they will know Im not right. Sorry for the long post, iv actually shortened my post as I could go on and on and on......

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Sorry to read this.

I've suffered from health anxiety for 20-plus years off and on and it's almost debilitating in the fear it produces.

Some days I'm good and others I'm really down with it.

I can't really offer any help except to say there are a lot of us on here suffering just the same - and the no-no - don't Google any symptoms as you'll only make yourself worse. I know, believe me as I've done it enough times!


How do you stop your self? I tell my self over and over i am not going to google as i know it will only come back as some sort of cancer but i always end up googling things. I think it comes from not trusting my doctors :-(, i honestly think they are missing something. Are you on any medication for your anxiety. I am wondering if im on the wrong tablets x


I've never taken any medication for the anxiety. I tried a few herbal things but nothing really helped so I just soldier on.

I had counselling some years ago and it did seem to relieve the symptoms a bit but it all came back after a while.

I try hard not to Google every little thing and sometimes I succeed and sometimes not!

Distraction is the best method I've found. Something you have to actually think about not just idly watching TV where your brain can keep going on the worry track it's set itself on.

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Try to start relaxation exercises - tightening and relaxing tge body and then visualise a lovely scene - at that time say to yourself - I am healthy and safe. My body is healthy. I have had health anxiety forever so I understand the worry xx


Thank you. I will try this today x


hello i feel the same way i have 2 small children as well and everyday i live in a constant fear that something is wrong with me had blood tests and a ct scan cant find anything i feel like somedays i cant even take care of them and i get dizzy and numbness tingling in my face which freaks me out and my oldest is 3 and she keeps saying mommy you ok? or mommy sick? and i am so stressed out i got what i think is a cold but the anxiety party of me is saying its not just a cold :(


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