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hi everybody,since dad died in july we sadly had to put mam into a home because she couldn't manage on her own 24 hours a day with the onset of alziemers even with the help of family every day, we have just popped in to see her today and she absolutely loves it, staff are wonderful , so caring with her, she has made loads of friends , loves the food , the trips out, it is such a load off our minds that she has settled in so well, party on tonight as well. hope you are all

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Hi newton x Its so nice to hear your mam is liking living in her new home x I would imagine its a hard thing to come to terms with alzimers x But it seems you found the perfect place for her x It must be so good for you to see her happy and surrounded by good friends x Im happy also for yourself and your wife as it really must ease the pressure knowing she is in such wonderful place xx All well here xx :) Donna x


hi donna, yes it really does ease the pressure, after all it is mam and only the best will do,glad alls


I'm sorry to hear it has come to this but you have no idea how good it was to read that your mam has settled in. I fear this in the future if anything happens to my dad so I can imagine your relief that she is happy & well, that's all anyone can do. Your post has made me fear it a little less :)

Wishing you well



hi Thomson.thank you, it means so much to us , you hear so many awful story's , glad we got a good one. hope you are well. xxx


Hello Mr & Mrs Newton :-)

My Grandma had this & I no how very upsetting it is

Even though I was a lot younger at the time , I do remember the stress & upset my Dad was under (it was his mum )

In the end he to had no choice but to put her in a home , but she also was so happy in there & the knowledge she was safe as well was such a weight of every ones shoulders

I am so pleased by visiting it has given you peace of mind & from what you have said I wonder if you can have a weeks holiday there , sounds better than Butlins :-)

Love to you both :-)




thanks why, it is a bit like butlins, will put your down for a fortnight stay shall I, joking tho family is so happy that she is happy, exactly what you say peace of mind. xxx


I am so pleased your mum has settled in and made friends. We had to put my mum in a care home for a couple of years until she died in June this year. It was a good home and she was well looked after but she didn't make any friends or go on any trips. Think she was to far gone but at least she liked it there which was a relief.

Bev x


hi bev, so sorry to hear about your mam passing away in june, am so glad she liked it there,the most important thing is that they cared, and treated her with compassion in her last days , take care. xxx


So good to hear that your Mum has settled so well. My husband volunteers at an old people's home.... they have a 'bloke's shed there for the men with alzheimers and it's great. They have just finished making 5 sets of wooden stilts for each school in the area

They also go on lots of lovely outings, have visits from schoolchildren and do many activities and that's everyone, ( not just the men)..

It will be a great relief to you and you family. Julie xx


thanks Julie, fantastic your hubby volunteers at an old peoples home,he will make so much difference to other peoples lives thank him from me. xxx


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