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Just one positive minute at a time for a better life

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Sometimes that’s the best thing to do...see if the racing thoughts can slow down by focusing on the breath and think positive even if it doesn’t seem true, keep thinking positive living in the present and stop living in the future and the past with the what ifs and I shoulds and imagining what terrible things someone might be thinking make up your own mind how your life is.

I’m really struggling right now and this is the best advice I could manage to lift myself up and I just want to share it. We are not alone with it all. Let’s start with our inner beauty and give ourselves a break remembering we are beautifully made and we are deserving of goodness.

It doesn’t matter what is going wrong or who hurt us or why things are confusing, just that we are focusing now on positivity and calm, no matter how chaotic things can seem, we have to find that peace deep inside and trust it. It’s going to be okay. No matter the shitty things it will be okay.

Best to all of you

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Hi starrlight hope you are ok. Very wise words and thank you.😎

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Well it felt good writing and I feel more positive now than before the negative racing thoughts were just killing me inside and I know they are still there waiting to be thought of but I need a break from all of the negative you know and I hope this can be a way of life again some day...I’m remembering when I used to focus on the positive over the negative and things were so much better.

Thanks soooo much for your encouragement Dorsey 😊

Hey, my BFF. I hope you're okay. It doesn't sound like it, though. We could always talk on my pm. You can vent off whatever you need. I'll listen and maybe I could write you a poem! My ears and shoulders are always here for you too. I'm continuing to pray for you. Best wishes for as many blessings as you can receive, brightest star that shines in the sky!

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Thanks you! I’m okay. I’m thankful that I’m sitting in front of a fire and I’m so tired from thinking. I’m determined to keep focus on positive and make good choices.

I really like your thoughts as you've expressed them. I especially liked your thought about taking a 'moment' to be positive. Sometimes, it's suggested we 'Think positive only for today.' I found that looking at a whole day was just as daunting as looking at a whole year. Depressing! But, a moment? I can handle that. And, sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter's night can work wonders!

Thanks for expressing yourself so well.

Thank YOU 😊 I agree a day can seem long so whenever we can remember if just for the moment... and gradually more and more moments become positive ones.

Your right! Thank you for sharing. I for one have problems staying out of my past and letting it go. It's probably the biggest thing I struggle with. I've suffered in silence not talking about it. I have to forgive myself of some things and let go of other things that weren't in my control. It's not an easy thing.

If you ever need to let anything go I am here to listen. You could pm me anytime.

Please keep up trying to forgive yourself. I struggle with it too. I think I have forgiven but the stuff pops up again. Well get there.

Thank you. I appreciate that very much! We will get there. Just have to keep moving forward.

I feel like I watched a movie and the person kept saying always forward never backward. That kinda makes sense I guess. Now I have to figure out where that came from.

Sending you hugs. I hope your having a good day.

((((((((((Hugs backatchya )))))))))))

Thank you Starrlight for this. Reading this describes exactly what I go through. It's just thoughts. It's just feelings. Things that we give power to. Im not sure if it stops u from daily life but it has for me. However, Im getting better everyday and my day will come where these rampant thoughts will no longer plague me. I hope true healing happens for you too very soon.

I believe we are constantly healing. I love to hear that hope which you have. Things do get better.

Never give up❤ We can do this💗

Yes ❤️ we can We are more amazing than we give ourselves credit for I think.


What is some positive thought or action we've done today?

Instead of getting upset at a mess I just cleaned it without the upset. I got my mind to keep on focusing on the positive thoughts. The negative ones are still there but I am paying attention more to the positive. Really reeeeaaally difficult sometimes. I get a pat on the back.

A pat on the back and a hi five!

Im gonna clean too!

Thank you!

Thankyou for sharing!!! I needed some good vibes today🤗

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No problem LBP :) thanks for responding

Thank you so much Starrlight. I really needed to hear that. I too am trying to learn mindfulness, focusing on the present. I'm trying not to think of all the bad memories or fretting about the future, just what's happening in the moment. It's just so difficult though. My thoughts keep drifting back to where I don't want them. I figure that I just need a lot more practice. I won't give up. I'm also trying to come up with at least one joyful event each day and writing it in my journal. Sometimes its as simple as noticing a new flower in the garden. Thanks again Starrlight for your uplifting words.

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It will get easier the more we try. We can try focusing on our breath. That’s a really great idea to write a positive every day, Tessaree. Keep up the good work.

Nicely put..past = depression, future=anxiety...the now, down to just breathing is what counts..let's not let time pass by us thinking about the past or future..the time and keeping up with time is now!..time is unforgiving, short, let's not waste it..let's live life sweet and beautiful..cause it is... we are life and beautiful like you say...

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Poland1590 in reply to ellinaki

That is beautiful, please keep giving your advice on here

Live life sweet and beautiful- I love ❤️ that Ellinaki. I think you are doing great my friend.

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ellinaki in reply to Starrlight

Could not have done it alone..best to you starlight and everyone..

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Starrlight in reply to ellinaki

((((((((( ❤️ Ellinaki ❤️ )))))))))

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