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Feeling the spiritual


I didn’t make a pact with the devil so why am I thinking how evil I am? It’s not just a matter of having mental illness and fighting that, sometimes we are fighting the demons wether they are in our heart or soul or out there lingering in the world with the angels and maybe they fight to win. I feel cursed because I let them get my brother is what I’m trying to say. I hope they don’t get me. I’m praying for guidance from God and peace here with angels. I feel like I’m loosing it. I need to talk. Need to be grounded

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S, I am here. Couldn't sleep. Having a bad morning too. Maybe we can help each other out. I know you are not cursed. You have too much love and concern in your heart. The demons don't have that. Okay? Nor did you let your brother be cursed (or die, for that matter). If you are victim of anything, it's the poor health care here in the U.S.. But, know that I am here and I will walk beside you during your troubled times. I will even forgo sleep to help you. Okay?

Because we are our own worst enemy.

Self love is the hardest thing to achieve even for the emotionally healthy!

I know you are a compassionate and beautiful person. Turn that love towards yourself. Speak to yourself like you would towards a friend.

You are not cursed. You are loved by this community. 💗❤💛🧡💚💙


JEG325 in reply to Sunnidayz1

Sunni, thanks for your kind words. Starrlight is my best friend in this community. She welcomed me aboard and I care about her as if she were family. You are right about self love. I have had trouble with it all of my life. Right now, only Sue stands between myself and the worst of my probs. Once again, thanks for helping my BFF!

Sunnidayz1 in reply to JEG325

Aww..you are so welcome. She sounds like a great person. Self love is not the easiest thing to achieve! I try everyday not to beat myself up so I understand totally. So grateful for u and this community. Thank u for what u do for everyone. So happy for you and Sue!!!

JEG325 in reply to Sunnidayz1

Sue says, You're welcome! So do I. I had a hunch you were an ultra nice person when I first ran across you. So remember that the next time you beat yourself up. Only the truly good people care. Since you care, you are a good person! And I have impeccable taste in the matter! (lol)

Sunnidayz1 in reply to JEG325

Aw..thanks Sue! Great advice John. I gotta remember that always😔

Thanks again!



You are not evil. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance, or something that's gone haywire in our brains. You would not think you were evil if you had diabetes or god forbid cancer. You would just say I am sick and need to get better. It's good to connect with god, he and his angels will help you through this. Nothing wrong with being spiritual, more people should be.

Starrlight in reply to MamasBlue

((((((((MamasBlue))))))) I don’t feel or believe many of the things I did when I wrote that. It doesn’t seem like I wrote it when I look back on it. Thank God I’m not in that place now. Thank you so much for your caring.

Hi Starrlight,

Welcome to the forum, please feel free to talk about how you feel. Don’t think that you are cursed and evil. The Bible says, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, I pray that you will remain positive and stay strong.

I’m with you in praying for peace, God’s guidance and for His angels to take care of you.

Please update us. Have a great day!, take care and God bless.

There is indeed constant spiritual warfare going on today. All the things which are happening today on the side of evil show the actions of the demons.

While such is taking place the goodness is still throughout this world. People’s faith, as to prayers are being heard from above. As to the many angels who serve The Lord are all around us. All that needs to be done is call to Him. His presence will be felt if you are opened to Him. You must let Him within you so you can see and feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

“If you can said Jesus, anything is possible for he who believes” Mark 9:23

Believe in The Lord, because He believes in you. Call to Him and for sure you will be heard. 😊

Interesting yeah reminds me of ‘Faith even the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.’ I believe in angels and I believe in good and God, evil and devils. It is still hard for me to believe God is on my side helping or wanting me to reach out, I used to be Muslim I was raised as a Catholic and spirituality is very important to me but I just have trouble believing that God really intervenes, not that He doesn’t, but I feel let down I feel angry even. Years ago I swore I felt Godcabd did His will and amazing things happened... so I don’t know maybe I just don’t believe anymore.

Yes correct faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. From how things are going in today’s society we can easily be disconnected from the Holy Spirit. Making life itself more difficult upon our faith.

God’s ways are amazing. Seeing or even noticing is what is difficult from all that gets in our way today. Which is also the works of the demons. They will do anything to lead us away from The Lord. Through us, through others, through temptation, and the list goes on.

Remember what you said about the mustard seed? In another way it can be seen as a bit of faith can overdo much darkness.

With faith there is light. Where there is evil there is darkness. When there is light, there is never any room for darkness. 😌

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