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Help please really bad anxiety

Anyone else most of the time find it hard to breathe? Like its hard to take a breath most of the time I can't even take a breath... And also chest pains I have them quite a lot but they last a few minutes And then go but at times they can last like an hour... I've had a few tests al normal but I have arrythmia and tachycardia ... Also if you have chest anxiety symptoms how do they feel? And do you get arm and jaw pain like me to is it normal I'm never anxious tho And when I am anxious all I get is the weird breathing nothing else help please

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Hello :-)

You sound like you are panicking and the more you do the worse your breathing will feel

You really do suffer with Health Anxiety and with it can come these symptoms you are having and I know as I to have suffered with Health Anxiety even though I have it more under control now so I know how real it feels

We seem to either focus on one thing like our hearts or literally everything and no matter how many times people tell us that we are fine that reassurance only lasts for a short time before we have the next episode

Read back on your previous posts , how many times have you done a post where your anxiety is so high because you are worrying about your health yet nothing bad happened , I suggested you read your posts in hope that you can see a pattern that you fear something bad will happen yet nothing ever does so it may help you to accept this is your anxiety , this is how it keeps a hold on us and in this never ending circle , but you can get free from this with support , trusting what Doctors have told and trying to change the way you think and if you could possibly get some Counselling or therapy it would really help :-)

Try some breathing exercises , if you look on You Tube and put in relaxation exercises for Anxiety so many different one'swill come up and there will be one that you will feel you can follow and hopefully it will help you to relax and as you do the pains and your breathing will start to come back to normal :-)

Take Care x


I can completely understand. I’m someone that often has panic attacks and most of the time I don’t even know why I’m panicking (for example I’m lying here now and my whole body is shaking) the panic attacks I get, I started by struggling to take a breath and the more I worry about not breathing the worse I feel. This sounds like you’re working yourself up more and more about your pains and breathing. Like Lulu said, you should try some breathing exercises. There’s an app that I use called insight timer - completely free. I swear by it! It’s helped me out of so many breathing attacks that I call it my medication now. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.


I understand. I get jaw pain as well as numbness. At times i feel winded and feel as if i have to breathe a bit deeper. My tests have also come back normal but it makes it hard to believe all these symptoms are anxiety related

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