Anxiety running high

Today I went to collect my little one from school got an awful sensation all through my body myvbreathing had to try taking a deep breath didn't want to go bk the flat on my own terrified something would happen I think it's my anxiety but I don't know,everyone's telling me I'm losing lots of weight and very pale my partner keeps telling me there's nothing wrong with you and nobody can help you you need to do it for yourself he says I'm hving a war with myself he's never here works all time so I spend most of my time alone I'm thinking of giving in now can't take the way I feel I need to get help I thought I could do it on my own was doing good but it keeps catching me can anyone give advise just want to be normal again I do smoke alot and barely eat anything feel as my food is getting stuck and very tired

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  • I feel your pain but your husband is right in a way. You have to help yourself. You are the only one that can do this. Of course others can give advice but only you can do the work. Make an appointment to see someone GP/therapist and they can give you the tools to help yourself.

    Don't put any pressure on yourself about the smoking and eating thing. Get your anxiety under control first and then you can work at the other things. Politely tell people to go away when they say things to you. You, your husband and your children are all that matters. People shouldn't say things like that when they don't know what's going in in someone's life.

    Keep fighting the battle and one day you WILL win.

  • Thanks so.much I am trying my best but sometimes it just overcomes me thanks alot for your replt

  • Believe me you are doing great. I know how hard it is not to just lay down and give in but you will get there. You are taking steps by seeking help on here etc and admitting u have a problem in the first place is the first step to recovery.

  • How are you feeling today, ok I hope

  • When you say your partner works a lot, are you making that as an excuse for anxiety attacks. Think positive. He is working to provide for you and the little one. Think positive, his work allows you to stay home with little one. You can talk to your Dr about meds but along with meds you need to exercise, eat healthy meals and snacks during day, this keeps your sugar level even. This will help lessen your anxiety. Drink water, get sleep and and spend time with friends and family. Don't focus on anxiety but on good things in your life. Loneliness is a trigger for anxiety so find hobby, help out family and friends, maybe even volunteer to do something at your little ones school. Yes, you will struggle doing all this at first, but push through and you will find yourself not thinking so much about yourself and you will start to feel better.

  • Omg reading this post is like reading about myself, now I know it's all my anxiety. I suffer GAD have done for 3 - 4 years. It's worser at the moment then it as been for a good while. Everything u wrote about ur self, is just the way I am all over at the minute xx

  • Do you have a feeling of choking someone has there hands around your throat having to try take deep breaths and worst when bringing my child to school thinking il be on the ground again she gets out

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