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Is this a symptom of anxiety?

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Lately I've been feeling really anxious all the time sometimes it's unbearable to leave the house, when I do in anxious again.

Im tires all the time.

But recently I have like a odd ticket sensation in my throat and chest area between my breasts, it's almost like when you have a tickly cough sensation but have no cough.

That's the only way I can describe it.

Does anyone else get this?

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Hello jjb1983 :-)

Sorry you are still having it rough , I thought as you has been quite things may have improved a little

I am not great myself with Health Anxiety and I know how it affects us and I get a cough , feel like I want to cough when I dont , sensations that feel weird , all down to been anxious and I bet that is what is happening here with you and the more we focus on it the more we feel it

I have had sensations before and feel they won't go , then when I start talking for example to someone it is only after I realise I never felt that sensation because I was distracted and had taken my attention away from it , the mind is such a powerful thing

I am sure as you settled down it will go again :-)

Take Care x

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Hi lulu1,

No not so easy I'm feeling low mood too now. Been waiting for counselling for like 20 weeks now it's just getting worse.

I just can't relax but I'm so tired too.

But I sit all day and think why am i so tired.

Sorry your not any better too. Do you think it's the time of the year?

Have you managed to get counselling yet?


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I have been waiting years for Counselling and nothing as yet

I am also so very tired my eyes are so sore but seriously what we are putting ourselves through I promise that is why we feel so tired , that adrenaline we all need which takes a lot out of us to make I bet our bodies are worn out fighting to make some and as quick as we do we use it up again !

Give your Doctor a nudge next week tell them how you are struggling and could they possibly find out where you are on the list or if you could get the number give them a ring yourself , I think I will be next week :-) x

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I have not been off the phone to them over the past 2 weeks,

Even to other sources.

Your right trying to get help is a disgrace.

I hope your feeling better soon.

I'm trying my hardest to stop my mood from dropping so bad.

Trying to excersize gettingvmore day light. But I'm so tired just changed mattress too so not sleeping to well.

What are you doing to try make things better?

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Hello :-)

I know what you mean , I have been the same but keep phoning , don't give up !

I hate having a new mattress or new pillows yet I know we have to now and again but I am like you , takes me ages to get use to them and it no doubt will be affecting the way you are sleeping till you do but you will :-)

What am I doing to help myself that is the million dollar question

To be honest just keep trying to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones , it is not easy and I am having lots of fails but what else is there to do except hope that this will pass soon :-)

Hope your evening has been a good one and you have managed to distract yourself :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

I will keep phoning, have you tried the charity called mind?

They are supposed to be good although I was supposed to get a call back Friday and didn't.

Same with talking changes.

They just fib me off in to other professionals.

Wow the mattress lol is starting to give a little but the pillows I just can't get away with the have adjustable inside so might try removing a slice.

They are both Emma products we will see.

I'm good thank you not sure if I have cold or not or if it's just allergies.

I'm quite stuffy.

You should really try supplementing I have stated taking vitamin d and a complex b vitamin I've been ok on them too.

Do you have Instagram? There is a lot of support on there from psychotherapists and councillors not just from the UK too if you don't I'm sure your son will have it maybe he could set you up an account.


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Hi :-)

Yes I know mind and all the rest of them and I have never had any joy either and you are right they more or less just try and fob you of else where , so I just don't bother anymore to be honest

I get allergies and like you never sure if I am starting with something , sometimes having new things like beds and pillows with start me of till I get used to them sounds daft and I might not be right but if it is a cold you will know in a few days , but hope not you don't need anything else

O I am so fussy over my pillows , I dread when I need new one's , pillows to me are so important :-D

Take a layer out tonight that could do the trick , you will get there and work out what is most comfortable :-)

I don't have Instagram , I will ask my Son though about it :-)

Hope you manage to find something to distract you and enjoy the rest of today and start of a new week approaching maybe tell yourself you will make sure someone listens to you !

I actually contacted my MP over the lack of support and he was great he is the one that is trying to get me Counselling at home , you could get in in touch with yours , nothing to loose and at least they get made aware that more needs to be done !

Take Care x

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Hi hope your mp can help you access it quicker.

Well I will be using my old pillow lol.

There is a lot of support on Instagram if you go on it.

also type in llttp into the internet I'm sure that's right if not let me know they do online courses.

I've been drawing I used to love it when I was a child so thought I'd give it another go.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?


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We can live in hope he does :-D

Good idea going back to your old pillow , I always keep my old one for ages when I have had a new one and keep swapping back till I am sure I can cope :-D

I love my garden but not really the right time of year to get out there much :-)

They say colouring is very good for people with anxiety so a good hobby you have chosen there :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

Sorry for the late reply.

I've taken a slice out of the new pillow and seems good for now.

I suppose it's not the right time of year, hopefully there is some good days for you to get out in your garden.

I'm not colouring just drawing. But it's good.

If you type in walk excersizes on youtube have a look nice easy work outs only short ones too. You could try that it's supposed to make us feel good working out.

Did you check out Instagram?


in reply to jjb1983

Hello :-)

I have been busy , I am not sure I cope with this Christmas par-lava it is a carry on sorting everything out !

When you put you had taken a slice out your pillow I forgot and at first thought you had took a knife to it and cut it , then I remembered :-D

Hope you are comfy now :-)

Not had time to look on Instagram as yet been putting the tree up , wrapping the presents and still at some stage have lots of baking to do but I will get some me time and start looking into things :-)

How are you , are you feeling any better ? :-) x

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Hello Lulu-1

Its nice to see you getting into the spirit, its taking time for me to this year. with everything thats going on.

yeah there is like 3 slices to the pillow, its still not good its going back i get a full refund on it, the mattress though i cannot fault really once getting used to it.

oh very nice what are you going to bake?

I am great had some good days where i have been able to visit my sister and sat in starbucks for like 3 hours today with my partner and some of his friends, although i was constantly thinking about the anxiety and a few times i thought i might have to leave but stayed until my stomach told me it needed feeding.

How are you?

in reply to jjb1983

Hi :-)

No really getting into the spirit to be honest more like forcing myself to do it :-/

Well I make mince pies every one loves them and the thing is I end up having to make loads and it is the one thing I am not keen on doing , sometimes it takes me 2 or more days to make the amount I get asked for as well as my hubby eats them quicker than I can bake them !

I will be making a couple of fresh cream cakes as well but that will be on whatever day they shout out they want one because obviously fresh cream has to be eaten quick :-)

Glad the mattress is comfy and you can get a refund on the pillow go back to the pillows you like at least you will get a good nights sleep :-)

Sounds like you have picked yourself up a little so that is good and well done going out even if the anxiety tried to follow you , you made sure you kept it in the distance :-)

I am a little better thank you but feel I might be getting a head cold now , I am sure this time of year and the pressure of Christmas makes us run down as I always seem to come down with something

Hope you keep feeling a little better each day and things keep improving and that Counselling ad yes I am still waiting to comes along soon :-) x

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Hi lulu-1

It's nice to see, forcing yourself to do it might make you feel a bit better.

Your going to be busy for a few days but at least been busy might take your mind off things. But if you feel you can't do it let them know I'm sure they would understand.

Oh the pillow is defiantly going back.

I'm sleeping better with soft pillows.

I think sleep has a lot to do with how I feel everyday, when I can't sleep properly the next day is terrible.

Last night I had a really bad stomach not sure if I have eaten too many pumpkin seeds 😬

Your right I was with my friend from America yesterday and she said I don't know how you cope in your winter weather it's so depressing literally no sunshine what so ever.

We could have seasonal winter blues.

I am supplmenting on vitamin d and b12 and think it picks me up a little.

Could you not try taking vitamin d?

I know it's tough taking them but I've had no side effects.

And not only that our body gets rid of what we don't need in our urine.

I am still waiting for counselling too.

Hope you feel better too and your counselling comes soon.


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