Dealing with a bad panic attack :(

Since last night I feel as if my heart is quivering.

it's that feeling like you have phlegm in your chest and it rattles when you breath in. It's in the dead center of my chest. When I cover my ears to listen to my breathing to see if there is phelgm I hear nothing.

It sounds clear.

I am dealing with post nasal drip.

The other hing is arm and shoulder pain. I'm here in distress

I can't keep on doing this to my kids.

I was just at my in laws house having a good time then as we are walking home I started feeling the rattling :(

What could this be??

Can it be my heart because at times I do get a bit dizzy ears loose hearing a feel like a surreal dreaming type if sensation.

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  • Panic attacks are scary. I hope the feeling has passed now. Sometimes we just have to ride the wave and hope it passes quick. Have you spoken to a doctor about the sensation? I know it's probably hard to feel this way with kids, but be strong this too shall pass. I wish you peace and hope tomorrow is better.

  • Thank you so much Petita :)

    I'm holding on, it has passed a little bit but,

    I preceded to have more stress thrown upon me I'm now dealing with a sore chest :(

    I am doing it for my kiddos :)

    Hope all is well with you :)



  • Hi Yaz

    I hope you are feeling a little better :)

    If you are worried, see a doctor, even if just to put your own mind at rest, I was having moments were my heart would race but it felt like it was missing beats, no pain but still scary, eventually i was told i had a ectopic heart beat (irregular beat) largly due to my anxiety.

    Hoping you have a good day :) x

  • Hi MzMily :)

    Thank you, I'm a bit more calm now. I had some chamomile tea and it calmed me down.

    That sounds scary, good thing it's just anxiety related right?

    It's nerve wrecking im already going through a horrible spell that this is just another layer of gunk :(

    Hope all is well with you. :)



  • Sending a hug Yaz and hope you are feeling calmer now.

    Sally xxx

  • I am, thank you Sally.

    Had some chamomile tea and it tamed my nerves haven't felt the quivering since then so it was a panic attack in the making before the Big Bang :(

    How are you doing today?



  • Hi Yaz,

    I'm glad things have calmed down. I'm a bit groggy at the moment. Another bad nights sleep because of my arm problem. Hopefully I will perk up in the next hour or two. Thanks for asking.


  • Sorry to hear that,

    Sorry it's been a couple of hours hopefully you are doing better :)


  • Hi Yaz

    I think you may have accepted you have health Anxiety & when we do that is half this battle won even though the other half takes some working on

    When you get these fears try & ask yourself have you had this before ?

    Usually the answer will be yes or you will have experienced something similar before & then ask yourself were you ok eventually & the answer again no doubt will be yes & then tell yourself I will be ok this time to because I am sure you will :-)

    With Health Anxiety we are so tuned into our bodies & unlike people that don't suffer we feel every little thing or notice ever little thing that feels slightly different , then we panic & then the anxiety increases & then how ever or what ever we are feeling seems to multiply by a 1000 !

    I do understand how you feel with this nasal drip thing as I suffer with it as well as sinus problems & it makes you feel ill , but try & remember that it is not life threatening & will pass

    Also if we all put our hands over our ears I bet we could hear our bodies making noises & when we do that it always sounds louder than it actually is

    Look back on your posts , see how many times you have panicked over what you are feeling & then notice you are still here :-/

    Take Care




  • Thank you whywhy,

    This sensation was/is new I think that's why it had me badly shaken.

    And youre right as soon as I realized it as being anxiety it stopped.

    I have not written about it, just the perks of anxiety well now I'll have this as a reference for my new anxiety symptom.

    How are your feeling now? Are your migraines better?



  • Hi Yaz

    I still have this sinus problem & feel like that after sensation in my nose you get after a cold it is awful & nothing seems to be making it any better

    The migraine I think is improving but the aura came back again yesterday & when it did it really frightened me & I am looking now at everything worrying it is going to happen again but trying to keep calm as I know getting anxious wont help even though easier said than done

    Thank you for asking :-)


  • That is an ugly feeling :( sorry to hear that.

    Yes with anxiety we need to control ourselves and try not to get too anxious with whatever sensation we are feeling it well make it worse.

    I think that's what got me through yesterday, I was anxious expecting to feel the chest thing and when I faced the facts and controlled my breathing I did not feel it again.

    Hope things get better :)


  • Hey Yaz!

    Sorry to hear this, I hope you're feelin better now!

    Having a relaxing rest of your day x

  • Hi pinkcookie,

    Yes I'm feeling better thank you,

    Hope so too it's a Friday time to relax :)

    Hope you have a great day,


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