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Natural anxiety remedies you gotta try!

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So you have anxiety and You choose to go natural Your in luck because well I have some techniques for you heres a few to start with its a video please tell me if you can actually view it or if it gives an error btw its an hour long so please be sure to have that much free time jot down notes in a note book to help cope these sre all natural techniques that the video will describe to you methods that are helpful and methods that may not work for you every one is different and copes different remember that


Another thing is this song listen to it when your in a panic or when you need o goto sleep

Breathing methods such as this one that helps me very quickly is breathing in through your nose to a count of 3 then exhaling out of your mouth to a count of 4 do this for a few minutes 5 minutes for maximum benefit 2 minutes if you cant tolerate the slow breathing for that long laying down works best if you need to do it sitting down go ahead if you feel lightheaded while doing it (i never do but inase you do) sit down or lay down for the first time trying it

As far as natural remedies try some of this:

Holy basil---you can get this at any health store such as a "whole foods" which is a grocery store in Long island they may call it different in other areas

Buy a diffuser which is basically a humidifier

Get lavender oil put water in the diffuser and a few drops of lavender and sit back and enjoy the smell

Lavender essential oil is a very good source of natural relaxation and helps soothe the mind and nerves

If you dont want to use the essential oils with a diffuser you can get the same benefit if you apply a dab of the oil on your finger and wipe directly under your nose and just breathe in through your nose and feel relaxed

For head aches take PEPPERMINT oil and dab a droplet on your finger and spread around your forehead it will feel VERY COLD but rest assured its gonna take a few minutes to help with your head ache sometimes if the head ache is weak the peppermint oil takes it away but if its in the middle of when you got the head ache it may just soothe the pain rather than takig it away completely

For anxiety And depression take Cashews if you eat them daily it will help you along the day

Magnesium is good for anxiety and its healthy

And natural

Melatonin is good for when you cant sleep take 5 mg its natural your body produces it on its own and way better than taking benadryl as youll feel groggy in the morning as if you slept like crap

Meditation is a great sourxe for when you are stressed out and very on edge from anxiety or anythig that is bugging you :) here are some videos I love to use when meditating

You can find so many more if you look in the "related" section of each videos these were just a few of my favorite

During your anxiety attacks write in a journal everything you THINK everything you FEEL no matter how crazy your thoughts or feelings are JOT THEM DOWN

The reason we should all be jottig down how we feel what we think during our anxiety atacks we can pin point our "root cause" why is it important to find the root cause and not just use medication to solve the issues?

Well the root cause cannot be resolved by medication as its a BAND AID yes thats right your applying a bandaid that you may THINK is helping sure for some it helps but what if you take away the medication? For me it actually made things WORSE why? Because medication for anxiety is like throwing eveything under a rug the problem will still be there once you remove the rug because THE ROOT CAUSE has not been picked at.

So your journal will help find this root cause because your thoughts and what leads to you being "triggered" into having these anxiety attacks will shed light on ROOT CAUSEs of your anxiety for example:

Your driving and thinking about having an accident and all of a sudden your heart starts racing and every symptom you have after that hits you all at once and your really panicing and your mind begins to throw every WHAT IF possibilities at you your root cause could be a fear of death or a fear of being in an accident and no one can help you or a fear of being injured or in harms way there are endless amounts of possibilities but your in the correct category of this root cause so you begin to narrow it down as you progress in your journal things will stick out so much clearer

The root cause is the solution to your success in getting over your anxiety for some people reading this your gonna say well im getting past my anxiety just fine with medications and thats okay im happy for those who can take medications and be just fine with the "band aid" solution but there is no reason to not find the root cause and maybe be free of taking medications and anxiety all together

A lot of this about root cause and medications are my opinion so if those of you who take medications for your anxiety please do not think im calling you weak or anything negatice this post is for everyone who has anxiety these are just natural remedies for those who maybe wanna get off meds or who wanna try the natural route before going to medications or who simply cannot afford medications because of there own reasons so again i mean EVEYTHING OUT OF LOVE AND POSITIVITY and wish everyone the very best luck! And what ever worls for you works for you!

Therapy works for some people so TALK to your family members talk to your best friend DO NOT BE ALONE IN THIS talk to US we are all here for each other to help everyone go another day with anxiety to be a supportice group for one another and to gice our remedies and benefit together for me helping one of the members here allows me to feel genuinely happy and proud that im someones life saver from afar I always wanted to help people in ways a therapist could and this forum allows me to do such a thing

So lets get through this together! Tell me in a private message if you feel comfortable that way how the above worked for you or if you have your own methods post them here or privately

We are all in this together i do not bite and neither does the community lets get this thread popular so newcomers can see all the endless possibilites of remedies out there ! Knowledge is power !

Namaste to all!

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That is a lot of information there , you have been doing your research :-)

I think it would be so nice if members try any of these if they post on the Community so rather than letting you know if they worked we could all read any positives or negatives members experience

Even natural remedies we should always check with are Doctors or Chemists that we will be ok to take them as depending if we suffer with other conditions or are taking medications sometimes even natural things can interact and as long as we get the thumbs up we will be fine I have heard many say positive things about natural remedies they have tried :-)

Meditation and relaxing exercises can be very beneficial , again can take a while to learn how to follow them and relax enough to do them but the more you do the easier it becomes and you can find so many to try on You Tube

I personally thing medication if you want to call it the " Band Aid " solution or not can be a life saver for some as depending at what degree you have anxiety or depression you need that help which they give you as well as get you to a better place where you can then start trying some of the other methods you have mentioned

Are you anxiety free now ? which of the things mentioned in your post have you found has worked best for you ? :-)

Take Care x

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No i am still suffering from anxiety attacks but its in an agoraphobic form when i levae my town which is my comfort zone i begin to be on edge i could be a town over and be on edge but not have panic attacks its when i go 6 towns over I begin to have anxiety and yes you are correct it may be the solution for other people (medications) which is why mear the end ai say congrats if it helps and yeah i have done a butt load of research as I love to search Natural remedies for _______ before I do ANYTHING and I actually dont even ask my doctor I just use what ever haha i should ask my doctor but i dont i take the risk but yes your right posting here would be fabulous idea is there anyway to STICKY this post as i see your an admin so i was hoping you could STICKY the post so its at the very top and everyone can see

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Hello again :-)

O an anxiety sufferer that takes risks , usually are anxiety won't let us but do be careful and maybe think or even research what it says about some of the natural things before you take them :-)

You are doing well with what you are achieving and 6 towns on would be quite daunting for a lot of people , but little steps and I am sure you will over come your fear of travelling further , hopefully some of the techniques you have posted will start to help you with that :-)

We are very quite on here and not many post or reply but hopefully that will change

So what I will do is keep watching this post , I do hope it will draw people and they will share , if it starts to get a lot of interest and replies then I will look at pinning it to the side :-) x

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Share the link away and yeah o usually google Side effects of what ever I take just incase I feel something off i also have been researching for 5 years so i have gathered a ton of information throughout the years of having episodes

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Thse are really helpful remedies

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