When is too much anxiety just too much in a relationship

When is too much anxiety just too much in a relationship

I've been struggling with anxiety for 4 years now and oh my word what a tough road its been. Trying to cope with the physical symptoms well that's just the pits..then there's trying to be the same fun loving person or party girl your partner fell in love with....? Hows that been working for me I guess you would like to know.??? Well it hasn't no,anxiety changes a person sometimes so much a relationship is just not strong enough to make it. Yeah sad but true. In my day to day struggles I have had bad days and than really really bad days but I have made it still and my relationship. ..still going will I say strong? Lets just say its going for now..its difficult for someone not struggling with anxiety to even get close to understand what we go through, how can they if someone isn't physically ill they must then just make it more then it actually is right? I read , talk, think and dream anxiety goodness I breath it thats how I feel many days. My husband and I was married 1 year before my anxiety and panic attacks started. I stopped smoking, drinking and just being the person he met once it started. I wanted to keep myself healthy as I thought to myself well it's my body telling me " you weren't good to me so I won't be good to you no more". My husband had to learn with me how to cope with anxiety oh wow wasn't a easy road still isn't but he tries. Living with anxiety is real and if you have a partner that doesn't want to learn with you or accept that you have real pains and aches and fears he isn't worth any further anxiety. This is just my opinion in my own circumstances and life

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  • 💗 I love this post so much

  • Hello there. Wow, you're absolutely stunning!

    I totally relate to your post. My ex and I were together for many years before my before anxiety and depression kicked in as a result of a physical health problem. He tried to understand, he sincerely did. Unfortunately, he became seriously unwell with a life-threatening illness so it was hugely difficult for both of us to sustain the relationship. I was unable to look after myself, much less him as well. Likewise, he was unable to look after me or himself.

    Anxiety and depression really tests relationships. Therefore, it is REALLY important that the relationship is built on rock-solid ground. I honestly thought mine was, but obviously it wasn't since he decided to terminate the relationship. I didn't see it coming. Never in my wildest dreams did I think for one moment that he and I would never grow old together.

    Thanks for posting!

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks for making me blush lizbett..hehe..but thank you very much for the nice compliment. I'm sorry to hear that your relationship didn't make it , but look at it this way...when we say our vowe say in sickness and in health, right? Well he did you a favour because why waist your time and energy on someone that could not be able to commit to his vows in future. People tend to remember that part too quickly. .IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH TILL DEATH DO US PART.

  • It's true. You're gorgeous. In terms of my relationship, I get a little philosophical about life these days. Things happen for a reason. I try to take the good from life's experiences and learn from the bad. Then again, I freely admit I seem to be something of um, something of a slow learner :-)

    Wishing you peace.

  • Thanks lizbett and I pray for you and know your not alone×××××

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