body temp and anxiety

I had mentioned previously that I had been feeling like my face was hot or flushed for several days but no actual fever was present. I had a family dinner last night for a birthday ( I don't enjoy these dinners on a normal day but especially this time of year when its dark around dinner time and I tire easily. During dinner around the table I just found myself to be super super hot and sweaty, almost feeling as if I may pass out. I was only wearing a t shirt where as mostly every one else was dressed for the November cold here in Canada. I have never noticed this before with my anxiety but do other people get this? is it common for your body temp to be out of whack when you experience anxiety? Thanks

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  • I have experienced those symptoms often feeling all hot when it's not .as you relax you cool down it must be a part of the adrenaline rush we get from anxiety our body working overtime .it can be uncomfortable at times .

  • Actually this is happening to me right now parts of my body feels rushed with heat its weird and i hate it.

  • The joys of living with anxiety hey? I normally always feel several symptoms every single day

  • I literally feel this way almost every day. Before I even realized anxiety was the cause of this, it would frustrate and confuse me so much. My face is always flushed and red, and my body temp is always running hot. So much of the time people ask me why I'm "blushing"

    not only is it uncomfortable, it's embarrassing. I talked to my psychiatrist about this side effect and confirmed it was a symptom of anxiety. I'm sorry you have to deal with this as well :/

  • I figured it was. Not really a common one for me but def experiencing it lately which is weird because its winter where i live .. i also just find im sweating hot when im at work and no one else is.. im a very thin person so i just dont get it.. super annoying though im literally going to work in t shirts and tanks!

  • Absolutely I get clammy as my husband calls it.

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