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Living with Anxiety
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hello everyone! :)

well its been a while since i posted had a awful few months from end of march till nearly august

loads of different medications and doses..

i decided against cbt for now i tend to be coping well on my own loads of self help books and keeping a journal..

life's good I'm back at work and doing the whole public transport thing trying to get out as much as possible

meds=well I'm back on Mirtazapine 45mg they work well for me just weight gain sucks and the carb craving .

hope everyone is still fighting this crappy condition. my only advice is to stay busy.. a busy life has no time for overthinking and overthinking is my biggest trigger and being around people and doing what i love has lifted my depression o.c.d is still bad only planning tho.

anyway thought i'd say hi

Rach x

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So nice to read your update :-)

Really pleased you seem to have reached a good place and I hope it long continues :-)

Take Care x

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thank you x

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