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Hello I need you all right now :(

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I have disappeared for a bit. I was extremely busy with work and recently I have been diagnosed with h pylori infection, they put me on a very hard treatment of antibiotics and acid suppressing meds.. I have been enduring the tremendous side effects of it nausea, headache, severe anxiety, vomiting, for a week now.

Aside from that I have been very emotional, I have recurring dreams of my late grandma, she always come to my dreams, never spoke a thing, last night: she wants me to come with her, which led to me tremendous crying when I got up. Called mom, called friends, it's like am I dying, is this an omen.. I feel really horrible and terrified, I have love my granny, and it hurts me to have dreams like that. All my life I've been fair and just, always giving more than taking. But is this a bad sign, I'm scared and I hope you can guide me, I want to sit and cry on a corner... And ponder on these thoughts. I don't know what to do

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Sorry you are feeling like This. :(

Dreams are dreams you can fixate on what they mean and you'll never truly know the meaning of it.

The meds for the infection must have messed you up in some way but you should be feeling better once the meds have done their job.

Take a deep breath hold for a few seconds then slowly let it out do it till you some what calm down.

Your dreams are made up from you subconscious you miss your grandma knowing she can't really come to you so your mind makes her tell you to come to her or maybe it's a way to tell you to find your inner peace and not let things get to you. Try not to think of if it as a literal thing.

A few years ago I had a dream that made me think I was going to die that year. It was a rough year, but as I am writing to you you can see that I'm very well much alive :)

Hope you start feeling better



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what did you see in the dream? i had a dream like that and it makes me anxious alot :(

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I saw myself in my casket everyone saying goodbye. :(

They say when you dream of this its a meaning of a new beginning is to come.

hi ellegirl, sometimes when are feeling low, in pain, or ill, our brain tries to "make things right" or find a reason. this can lead to very vivid, sometimes scary, sometimes comforting dreams.

you love your Nan, what better way than for her to want to spend time with her, than in your dream?

you get to see her, albeit briefly, and remember the love between you.

it does not mean she wants you to die and be with her - would she have asked you during her life?

I often have nightmares, and am aware that it is a dream, but can't wake up - or jump awake, but scared.

what happens to keep me safe in my dreams is that a friend and work colleague, Mo, turns up.

Sadly, Mo died 21 years ago, she was the "go to" person for a chat, smile, or who listened. I know I'm ok if she's in my dream.

maybe your Nan was your Mo. I think she probably was.

try not to fret about it, just try and smile that in your dreams you get to see your Nan. don't let negative thoughts frighten or upset you.

take care,


Hi Elle, I hope you are feeling better. As Hamble and Yaz said, sometimes when we are not well our minds go to dark places and worry. This too shall pass. Just remember to treat yourself with care and try and not overthink things. We all know that is easier said than done, we've all been there - but it's true try and think about the good in your life and focus on recovery. Wishing you all the best so this passes soon.

Hello all

I know what you saying, but I'm terrified to a point I can't function, I generally feel a little bit better when I'm able to share all this, and somehow I feel a bit ok when I know it's not just me. I'm freaked out because my interpretation of this dream is that something is gonna happen and I can't stop it. And I feel it's so unfair to see this type of dreams, but I love my grandma. I just don't know how to deal with it. I always without a fail interpret it as a ghost story and something is gonna go wrong like what I watch in movies. I sound like a frightened little girl which I'm curently petrified. What's happening I don't know how to convince my head that nobody is there to get me, I always have weird dreams, always negative. What's the possibility that these dreams are real?


Poor you, but as the previous comments said, your brain plays funny tricks on you when you are not well, plus taking med's tires you out. At night time it is so scary. You can't stop these thoughts but you can acknowledge them and tell them you will deal with them later, if possible, let them drift off on a leaf down a river. These automatic thoughts are just thoughts they are not you, not real.

Sending you some hugs. xx


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