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Hello Everyone :)

I've finally come over and joined this forum. I am hoping everyone is fine. I am still feeling bad, ears are still sore and pop now and then. I also get pressure in ears which hurts badly. Can an infection go from ears to other parts of the body?! Stupid question where is the heart ?! Is it central of body or left side of the chest I still get racing heart on and off which is fobbed off by doctors like my ears. I am planning to go back and get my stuff checked out on Thursday just to put my mind at rest

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Welcome you have found us :-)

Sorry you are still having on going problems with your ears , I have ongoing sinus problems all in the same kind of area & O know how it drags me down keep having to deal with it & yes I worry when I keep getting them just like you

Having had lots of tests done though at the moment they cannot find the cause & just put it down to one of those things

I have read that anxiety can male us prone to ongoing infections as are immune system gets low & ear & sinus infections were mentioned in what I read

I am not a doctor but I have never heard of these kinds of infections affecting other parts of the body like your heart which I believe is located to the left hand side under your bust somewhere round that area , someone may correct me on that one :-/

Go & see your GP to give you that peace of mind but I am sure everything will be fine :-)





Thanks 1whywhy I am just worrying over nothing lol. I will see my doctor again on Thursday and ask him for help. My Dad is like ears are a pain but this time ask for more help and get it sorted for good



Have they looked at your sinus's as that can give you ear problems

You are not worrying over nothing when something keeps recurring or does not clear up it does worry us , but maybe it might be like they say to me , it is one of those things which still I can struggle to accept at times , but there doesn't seem to be an explanation

Let us know how you get on , I hope they can sort it out :-)



Hi and welcome:)

Hope you get the reassurance you need on Thursday xx



Welcome and glad you managed to find us :-)

Hope your appt goes ok on thurs, I suffer with tinnitus so know how frustrating it be when there is no cute. I find mine gets worse with anxiety and stress, does the problem with your ears get worse with your anxiety? Let us know how you get on at the docs :-)

Jules x


Hello Cardiff - I too have bad sinus problems and very waxy ears - clicking and blocking.

I read anxiety can definitely cause wax problems with your ears - in proper medical journals not daft internet sites where most of what they write is rubbish.

I'm taking a homoeopathic remedy for my sinus problems/lack of sense of smell. I haven't had much sense of smell for years, but after taking the remedy for a month I think I can smell more.

My homoeopath certainly sorted out a dreadful chest infection I kept getting a few years ago and I have quite a lot of faith in the practise.


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