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Good morning.

I don't really have anyone in my life that understands my anxiety, which has brought me here. "Just relax" doesn't work for me. I've honestly been doing better and I'm starting to workout more, which helps everything. My biggest challenges are impulsive crying when I'm frustrated and mad and self-blame, I take on the world's problems as my own and amplify my mistakes and short comings.

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Good morning and welcome aboard. It certainly is extremely frustrating living among those who don't get anxiety. Just so you can relate to my own stories...I usually encounter someone who says, "Oh yeah, I had an anxiety attack one (or maybe 2-3) time." And I can only laugh and say, "Okay, so take that feeling....and live with it every second of your life for as long as you know." It usually shocks them. Anyway, yes, the just relax, take it easy, try to calm down, and all the fun mantras people think will just make it all go away are equally frustrating. Thankfully, I can tell you this is a great place filled with people who have heard what you have, been through those rough anxious days, and can relate.

It sounds like you have some great methods for using your anxious energy into coping with it. Exercise is great and so is gardening (just assuming from your name). Keep that up, it can only make things better. I'm sorry to hear the things you deal with. I can empathize with trying to take the world on your shoulders and trying to make everything better for everyone else around you. I do the same...I figure if I'm already dealing with my own things, what's more on top of that? If I had any advice or you're looking for any...try some self-kindness meditation/mindfulness so you can be more aware that you're a great human worthy of kindness, patience, and love. As hard as you are on yourself, it is nice to be reminded that we are worthy people who even make mistakes just the same as others who aren't afflicted with anxiety.

This truly is a great place to come to, express yourself to, and tell your stories. Just reading around has helped me feel more at rest that I am not the only one feeling the way that I do...I hope you end up feeling the same. The advice, praise, sympathy, and so on can make a huge difference. The support is second to none and amazing. There are great people on here. If you just need an ear or maybe some advice at new things to try, this is an excellent resource from those who have been in your shoes (or at least something similar to your experiences). I truly wish you the best and I hope you're able to feel some semblance of peace here. Many welcomes and I hope that you're feeling a bit better knowing that you aren't alone out there. Take care for now and look forward to future posts :)

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Hey Pretty!

The first thing I wanna tell you is, 'you can control your emotions and actions', always.

Also more importantly, though your results are reflection of your action, it's not always you who is to blame. Sometimes circumstances don't work in the way we've planned and at that time may be the fate or surrounding is to be blamed. Please try to change the mentality. World's problem is definitely not your problem. <3

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Sweetheart, I am so happy you felt comfortable writing here - and I agree it hurts very deeply when others can't (or won't) take the time to understand us. Unless someone were to experience it themselves, they can only offer so much help.

Over the years, I have made it a point to keep my personal business to myself when it comes to anxiety and depression, to remove expectations from others, and free myself from the burden of repeated disappointments. Thankfully, my anxiety has diminished to almost non-existent now, and I came to know (after much careful studying) what triggered it for me most of my life.

I get concerned about your "self blame" - that sounds like it got planted in your brain perhaps when you were younger and decided to play tricks on you ever since. Guilt is a nasty enemy and can destroy us when we don't have the weapons to fight back. Replacing your thought life with truths about yourself can help reverse those awful feelings. Did you know that?

You do not need to continue to walk through the rest of your life under condemnation because you were made for more. Has you ever really truly given yourself credit for all the strengths, giftings, and qualities you do possess that make you uniquely you? Once a person begins to nurture a better relationship with themselves, they see the lies that have have trapped them for so long.

Anxiety is a huge topic, so if you ever want to chat more, feel free to write back! You are a beautiful individual and I will be praying God will give you eyes to see the value and worth of your life.


Hi there,

Have you thought about contacting your GP so you can see a therapist? you can actually make a self referral if you go to this website: nhs.uk/service-search/ put in your location and search for "mind matters" in the search area and something should come up in your local area.

Another suggestion is to watch YouTube and there are some self help videos, I know it sounds really "ugh" but if you can't afford it, it can help. I have been watching a lady from her YT channel and I felt it had a impact on me before I went to sleep.


Thank you so much for all the the support and advice. I appreciate it so much. Unfortunately I was in an accident a few days ago, so I have all new anxiety to deal with. Thankfully, I already have a referral into a trauma psychologist. I know I will be ok. I know I am ok. If this accident has taught me anything, it's that I'm stronger than I had ever imagined. This isn't easy, it's far from it. I can hardly do anything myself, I might have to delay my graduation, I'm going to lose my internship, and so many other things that feel like they could crush me at any minute. But the funny thing is, they aren't crushing me. If I need to cry, I cry. If I need help, I ask for it, I might apologise or excessively thank someone for helping, but I'm doing this. Whenever I feel like I can't catch my breath, I do my deep breathing exercises. I amaze myself. I plan to keep amazing myself. Thank you again!


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