Well we got our snow !!! Well after Thanksgiving I'm going to relax an enjoy being snowed in. I make jewelry so will work on it I also do knitting I'm in the process of making infinity scarfs for winter an do some reading have a lot to keep busy trying not to be anxious an think to much!!! Have a blessed evening. Here's a picture of my front yard with some snow xxxxxx

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  • Very pretty. xx

  • Thankyou jeffju hope you have a nice day x

  • Morning

    Love the picture by the way looks like some thing off a Christmas card.

    You sound like you have lots to do and are very creative as well. It's good when we find something we like to take our anxious thoughts away,

    have a nice day being busy.

    gardener x

  • Thankyou gardener I try to keep busy sometimes hard even though I know it helps with anxious thoughts. We got quite a bit of snow last nite that was looking out the front entry way have a blessed day x

  • Morning

    I agree with gardener , that picture would make a lovely Christmas card !

    I really enjoy your posts telling us what is happening where you are :-)

    I am like you , as long as I have plenty of food in & lots to do , I dont mind snow to much , I would love a white Christmas , its been years since we have had one !

    I am now intrigued with the scarves & jewelry you make , you sound very talented :-)

    Hope you have a lovely day :-)




  • Yes why why I try an keep busy at times I will have to post some pics of jewelry sometimes an my knitting Ty for the encouraging words. Hope all is well with you xxx

  • I would love to see some pics of your jewelry , I will look forward to that :-)


  • hi, love the picture, ( hope it is off last year & not this ) xx

  • No this was are first snow of the year just glad I don't have to go out!!!

  • HI, Love the picture x it makes it seem more like Christmas is around the corner:) xx I really hope it snows over here this year xx We love a white xmas and all the fun of the snow xx :) Donver x

  • I love winter it seems more peaceful to me I hope we all have. White Christmas xx hope you have a blessed day Donver

  • Lovely picture.... I too am hoping for a White Christmas :)

    Sister in law not enjoying the snow, she had to dig the car out again!

  • Oh my I bet she's not there's always a down side to most things but still love snow xxx

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