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Phone Therapy or Counseling.. Any experiences ?

Does anyone have experience with any of the telephone counseling therapy services like talkspace or better help? There are several. Is it positive ? Negative? Scam? Value? Compared w face to face?

I'm attracted by the features of convenience, advertised lower cost and the anonymity (freedom for rigorous honesty and less shame) .

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I really don't have any advise on this as I have not really heard much about the telephone therapy before so now I am interested and hope others that have will reply and let us know if they found it was any good

Not sure if you have to sign up and commit yourself to a certain about of money but if you can just spend a little and see how it works that would be one way to go :-)

Let us know especially if you do have the phone therapy what you thought about it :-)



Here's an article from another forum



O you are in America where I am in the UK but I think we may have something similar to this to

I do hope someone will come and reply that has some experience with this :-)


Like Lulu I am in the U.K. too. I'm not too sure of what is available in the USA. However I've looked into the likes of better help etc. I have had one form of therapy through an online programme through our health care system. Each week my counsellor would message me and we would discuss my feelings. I decided that due to the lack of personal feeling with the programme it didn't work for me at all. That's why I just think unless you really invest in online therapy (which if takes a lot of personal motivation) it might not work out.

With regards to having phone therapy, I'm currently having weekly phone calls to deal with my anxiety. I'm still very early on but I feel by just verbally speaking out is starting to help put things into perspective.

I hope that helps and makes sense 😊


Thanks. I agree that messaging would not be therapeutic to me. I was thinking the phone counseling would be more effective. Thanks for taking the time to reach out.


Yeah probably better. Let us know if you decide to go ahead and how it works

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It depends. Insurance plans now including Anthem cover teletherapy and you can find a local therapist that will do teletherapy with you as well. The cost does not differ in this way however. The other sites well I don't know about the therapists etc while at least in your state you can see if they are licensed, etc.

teletherapy works for some of my clients especially if they are in classes, parents or just can't make it in to the office during that particular week. But it depends on the individual and whether it works for you. Always make sure they are using a HIPAA Compliant program (Doxy) it's free etc not Skype as it's not legal to use for therapy for your privacy. So whatever you choose make sure it's good for u! Good luck!

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