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Insomnia, Dizziness, Magnesium & a Therapy Dog

Insomnia, Dizziness, Magnesium & a Therapy Dog

Hi everyone,

I've had some new changes in my anxiety symptoms, one of which is extreme dizziness and feeling like I'm going to pass out. This is happening a lot during the day, which is a change from my nocturnal panic attacks, but are equally, if not more terrifying. The nighttime attacks haven't been as frequent, but have been more severe when they do happen. Also, for the past two weeks, I have been struggling with terrible insomnia. I can fall asleep ok, but can't stay asleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time. Last night I tried taking magnesium and I felt a relaxing effect about 30 minutes after I took it. I was able to stay asleep for almost 6 hours. I woke up at 4am with a bit of stomach trouble, but otherwise feel pretty alright! I know some of you take magnesium, and I'd love to know what kind and how much you take and what your experiences have been.

In really happy, just incredible news for me, yesterday I got approved to adopt a one-year-old golden retriever that I will be picking up this morning. Although the dog is already well trained, I got the name of an excellent trainer near me who specializes in therapy and emotional support training. I am beyond excited (and emotional--in a good way) about this, but I'm also a little overwhelmed and nervous.

I just really hope I can start sleeping soon. School is starting in a week and a half, and inevitable early mornings are in my very near future. I hate the way I feel physically most days lately with the dizziness and sleep-deprived fog, and I need to get on top of it before then. I'm also wondering if maybe my hormones are somehow involved in all this. I'm 42, and still feel a little young for all that, but I guess it's not unheard of.

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Hello janaa1 & Welcome :-)

I don't think we have spoken before but nice to meet you :-)

Lack of sleep is always a trigger for making our anxiety worse and the more we get panicky the worse our sleep pattern gets but someone once said to me you will sleep when your body gives in and you are ready , still not pleasant or that helpful when you want to sleep but I found it a true statement

I know I am going through the menopause and I started when I was 40 and the night sweats are what keeps me awake so it could be a possibility

Magnesium can upset your stomach and something you have to watch when you are taking it , I tried it but it caused me so many stomach issues I had to stop taking it , also if you are taking any other medications always check that Magnesium will no interact with them and it is ok to take it

I have heard though that many do take it successfully and it has helped and anyone reading that has I hope they will reply and share their positive feedback with you :-)

The dizzy spells you are getting could be anxiety as this is something that anxiety can cause , it could be bloody pressure slightly high or an inner ear problem , if it continues then worth just checking it out with your Doctor

I noticed the picture of the beautiful dog you had put on your post and wow how gorgeous ! I can understand why you would be feeling so excited !

They do say having a pet can be very therapeutic especially for people with anxiety and I hope you find this is the case for you , I would imagine by looking at your new family member it will be would bring a smile to anyone's everyday :-)

Keep us updated how you get on and how your dog settles in :-)



Thank you for your reply, and nice to meet you too!

Yes, I think I have entered an insomnia/anxiety vicious cycle, and it's a hard one to fight!

Even though the magnesium hurt my stomach a little, it was totally worth it for the calmness I felt and the sleep I finally got. I plan to take it again tonight.

I will also try and trust my body to sleep when it needs to. I just really hate the dizziness. I plan to see my doctor very soon to address all of this.


Hello :-)

I am wondering if you have you beautiful dog by now and how things are going , I have a feeling it will be great therapy for you :-)

Glad you are getting some sleep , everything does feel better if we get a good nights sleep :-)

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on :-) x

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I got my dog finally and he is absolutely perfect! He's fun and sweet and I love him so much. This is a second chance for him, as he wasn't treated well before, so I'm hoping we can help each other a lot!! He's just great! :) I couldnr be happier with him. I named him Deacon.


Fantastic !

I can hear the joy in your reply :-)

How sad that he had not been treated well but I know he will be lucky now because you will shower him with so much love and care for him he will have the best life ever and I also feel in return he will become a fantastic companion and help you through this anxiety

What a lovely name you have chosen as well :-)

O and I am presuming Deacon is a he but do tell me if I got that wrong :-D x

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He (yep, a boy!) Is already helping me so much!! And I am spoiling him too! 😁 It's just amazing the way he has fit into my life so perfectly! Thank you so much! 😊

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