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Internal Shaking or Vibration when Waking

Hi, I have had this issue for over six months, When I wake at around 4 or 5am each morning I feel my body shaking inside. Once I open my eyes and focus it vanishes in 5-10 seconds. I then fall asleep and the next time I wake it does the same. Sometimes this can be 1 minute later and sometimes and hour or two. At its worts it can repeat 10 times before I actually get out of bed. I don't take any medication, don't drink, smoke or have caffeine. My GP suggests that it is adrenaline waking me up as because it stops as soon as I open my eyes. If I wake but keep my eyes closed it continues. I don't have any other symptoms. Before this started I was diagnosed with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and had a couple of weeks with serious vertigo until I used the Epley manoveure. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks around the time it started but would consider myself 95% sorted in that respect. I am yet to read on any forum that it is linked to anything serious but at the same time it seems a common thread is that it affects people with some form of anxiety.

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I have this to the T.

I was told it was anxiety. I was put on Zoloft 100mg :( I still feel it when I wake up. It does make me wonder if it is brain related. The trembling is more in the chest sometimes in my hands but when I asked someone near me if they can see me trembling they said no and that its just your nerves. Do you get night terrors?

Is it cold where you sleep?

I've noticed the last couple of times it was a bit chilly, maybe something we should consider?


Never had night terrors - Mine happens repeatedly in the early morning. I wake, shake a bit drop back to sleep and wake and shake a bit. There is something going on but I have also discovered that when you have something like this you tend to be come quite hypervigilant and look for symptoms. I sometimes you lay there wondering if I can feel something and then realise its my pulse. With practice you can start to feel your pulse in multiple places simultaneously which then feels like an all over tremor. My guess is that it has its origins in anxiety - and that's something you just have to work at. If it's any help I used a book by Rob Kelly called THRIVE and found it very useful.

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Yeah I get this sometimes but am quite bad with nerves it's horrible feeling


I've been researching this for a while. Both my brother in law and myself have this. He gets it when he's going to sleep. I get it only when I'm waking up. It's interesting to me that it happens to people in a altered state of consciousness. We both suffer from depression and some anxiety. I'm wondering how many other people also have depression or anxiety and if it's related.


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