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Living with Anxiety
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Hello Everyone :-)

It seems to be really quite in this Community , is anyone about ? :-)

Looking at the past posts it was once very active and what seems to have been very supportive to , I wonder if anyone that looks on here if between us we could bring it back to what it was as it seems such a shame that it is just here not doing much

I know Health Unlocked have more active Anxiety Communities which most may like but some like a more quite atmosphere which this would be ideal :-)

I am going to make a point of looking on here everyday to see if anyone wants to talk and I hope anyone reading might do the same and maybe together we could bring if back to life !

If you read this pop on and say hello :-) would love to meet and get to know you :-)

Take Care x

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My anxiety is driving me crazy at the moment. I'm having continual attacks that are affecting every part of my life. I often look on the anxiety support forum but I find that one a bit chaotic. I would love it if there's a smaller group that we can have more personal conversations on.


Hello LibertyB nice to meet you :-)

Sometimes large groups can feel overpowering and hopefully more might start chatting on here as a small Community can become just as supportive as the more busier one's , so hopefully more may come on eventually and say Hello especially if they see activity on again , it could encourage them :-)

I have only quickly glanced at some of your posts , I see you have anxiety and the Doctor feels you have Depression to ? but at one stage you were not over sure if you had depression ? anxiety and depression can be a thin line between them , sometimes the Doctors tend to label us with them both but I think those that have clinical depression is something totally different from when you are feeling down because you cannot control your anxiety ( if you get where I am coming from ) and it has been at times when my anxiety has been through the roof that I have felt depressed because I have been fed up with trying to cope walking around feeling anxious all the time

Are you still taking any medication ?

I saw you tried cbt but you did not find it very helpful , which for some they don't always get to much from cbt but there are other types of therapy which you could ask your Doctor to be referred for

Anxiety likes the power it has over us and it controls us by when we feel so anxious we feed the fear and then the fear feeds the anxiety and it goes round and round till like you feel now it feels like it is taking over every part of you waking day

If you can slowly stop fearing the way you feel which I know is not easy but if you can accept that it is anxiety and it won't kill you feels as unpleasant as it is but then the fear lessens , not easy but with the right support it can and does get better :-)

You are not alone as you will already know from the other Communities on HU and if you want to chat somewhere a little less busy come on , I will keep looking in to see if anyone is about and hopefully others may start coming back to :-)

Take Care x

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Hi Lulu,

Thanks for your response. I really hope this forum works out as it'll be nice to have a community feeling

It was originally my anxiety driving my feelings however I feel my mood is giving me anxiety attacks.

Yes I'm still on medication. I was due to start therapy this week but in the initial consultation they decided that I need to speak to my gp again. As my thoughts are concerning them. I really just want to be better. I feel like I'm on a continual cycle I can't break out of.

I hope you're well 😊


Hello :-)

I know this seems like it will never get better but it will :-)

Sometimes though it can take some time trying to find the best route for each individual but once you have and you will you will slowly start to break out of this merry go round you feel you are on

Try and waste no time , get back to the Doctors , tell them what they have said and hopefully they will know what they need to do next for you and get it put into motion

Let us know how you get on :-) x


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