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So scared!!!!!

Hi guys. I'm not doing as good today came home from work yesterday with the sorest of throats and my chest was all painfull too..last night I couldn't sleep as you know when you have the flu or something it always seems to get worse at night. Well mine was awful the pain in my chest was the worst Ive ever experienced in my life I woke my husband to tell him but he didn't seem to really care I told. Him about my chest pain he told me to go to sleep I was so upset I remember a year ago or 2 ago he had chest pain and I rang for a paramedic and he was rushed into hospital with suspected heart attack luckily he didn't but I reacted quickly because I don't think you can mess with the chest and heart even if it is anxiety any warning should be dealt with. Anyway it took hours to settle down and I finally fell asleep but woke up all panicky and anxious Ive also just read in the news a young woman came home from work on Wednesday with "flu like" symptoms and by Friday she died of meningitis 😩😩 I'm now panicking like nobody's business Ive got the hot sweats and major panic galore now and I feel so ill aswell completely convinced myself Ive got meningitis or something serious does anyone else have this please help xxx

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Hi Natzsteveo, make an appointment to see the doctor. Even if it turns out to be a really bad cold or even the flu at least u wont be panicking that it is something much worse. Sending u virtual hugs. God bless and take care

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