Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety yet again!!!

Hey guys im back again hope your all not suffering too much. Well ive been brill no panic/anxiety attacks for months then BOOM!!!! Crept up on me this morning had to ring my hubby from work as im alone and im literally petrified keep thinking im dying of something serious because of the way im feeling because its just come creeping on me again ive tryed doing my breathing and stuff but gone right out the window yet again because of stupid anxiety i dont even know whats triggered me off 😔😔

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Hiya ...hope you're feel a little better now ..I know that horrible feeling that you just can't shift and it's crafty the way it can sometimes spring up on you you know it's time that helps us ..focusing on real things, positive self talk etc.

I'm not sure if you can identify when you first started getting anxiety attacks but that seemed to help me.

Keep going , keeping will pass x


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