Living with Anxiety
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I cant take this anymore anxiety is controlling my life, im trying to be normal . I have a career but i feel like im fighting an amonster in my body. Its like having a monkey on your back all day. The docs blame everything on anxiety.. i hate i even let them diagnose me

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I feel you. It takes on a life of its own. It's scary because it not only affects your mind, but physically manifests too & then branches out to affect almost every area of your life. It's terrible when there is something so bothersome you can't control it & it end up controlling you. I'm going through a lot of stress at the moment & notice it gets so much worse then, do you find this with your anxiety too? May I ask when you were dx & what types of tx you are receiving? I hope you feel better real soon, please know that you're not alone....

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I was diagnosed three years ago after about 60 emergency room visits. After a heart echo, hundreds of heart monitors, CTI scans. Cardiac rehabilitation They say my heart is fine. I take one nadalol heart pill. I lexepro for anxiety. I even went into affib once.


So sorry to hear that . Afib is not good:(

Was there a particular event or situation that prompted this extreme anxiety.

I understand what you mean by the heart stuff I don't have heart issues that I know of but have had family member w/ pacemaker/ CHF it's scary. I hope the meds are helping & you have some supportive support systems, family, friends, therapy,?

I wish you well


There was no particuler event I just woke up in affib and i could not feel my legs


Thank you for responding its been 3 years im so tired. I wanted to commit suicide 2 years ago but my nosey neihbor came ringing my door bell. Sometimes i have to wesr heart moniters, im afriad my anxiety is gonna ruin my heart


Thank you. No one really understands. Arpund the time the affib came I was having a bout of sleep apnea, i lost the weight and i never got the affib again


Ok so you had sleep apnea as well. I very thankful that you had that nosey neighbor. It's hard & life sucks big time sometimes, more for some than others😞

I've had anxiety acutely since 15 your heart could be congenital or perhaps genetic or prior drug use or alcohol, Rx consumption? Just trying to understand your story. I can hear through your words you are very hurt, sad & lonely & scared. Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist? I would think your medication should be reevaluated & maybe altered. The problem is with this new(it's not new, btw) of crackdown on Rx abuse. Ppl have abused them, overdosed on them for years & years. That's a whole other story, though . The problem is if you have been suicidal & this is in EHR it will limit the kind of meds you can get that could work better for you. Doctors are scared because they are being watched like never before huge fear of fines & losing a MD license lucrative, obviously & took them well over a decade to get. I would implore you to reach out try to get reevaluated. Great job losing weight that also a side symptom to depression & sadly it makes you more depressed, self loathing & creates new health problems. Extra weight can be very hard on the heart.

Best To You

I Hope You Will Get & Feel Better

You Matter & You're Not alone even though it feels that way.

Families are seriously crazy, I know mine is 😶


Heyyyy thank you for replying. No drug use, no alcohol consumption, pure anxiety


Oh my God yall! I am so tired, i been fighting anxiety all day tonight it made me feel like i was short of breath. I checked my oxygen saturation it was 100 percent. Im tired yall


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