is vertigo anxiety related?

This is the second time ive posted about this and the second time its happened to me this year. Not sure why Im getting it. and no its not my anxiety making me THINK im dizzy im definetaly getting vertigo when I lay my head on the right side then turn my head back to centre. I noticed it laying in bed this morning and tested my theory laying on the floor just now. Its still happening. Its not a nice feeling at all I read its normal in elderly people but im 26 years old. Is it possible that im suffering from Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo? and why? and how do I heal it? Im tired of there being things wrong with me all the time...

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  • Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy... I'm having the same exact problem. seven months now... I'm convinced it isn't my anxiety causing it but that's when it seems to be at its worst... I know dizzy means something different to everyone. For me I feel like I can't walk right and my legs are always weak and I get 'dizzy' all day everyday. I most def have had vertigo followed by a severe panic attack. So id say definitely yes! but there is positional vertigo as well. Your doctor can def shed more light on it. Feel better soon!!!!

  • It's so scary and irritating. This is the second or third time this year I've noticed it. It's affecting my sleep! Seems to be positional as I only feel it when laying on my left side and then turning really is hard to explain dizziness but it feels like someone is spinning my brain or something it's horrible!!

  • Aw 😞 I'm truly sorry. I know exactly what you mean though. It could be positional which a doctor can fix pretty easily by realigning your neck I'm almost positive... it happens to me to the weirdness in my head its not even dizzy so much as off balance and just feels super weird.

  • exactly! that's how I kinda felt all day balance.. which made my anxiety worse. I definetaly have hurt my neck and back recently so im sure theres a reason behind it or some sort of relation. Will be going to the doc as soon as I can and praying they can fix me!

  • I'll say prayers as well! And I wouldn't worry too much I've had EKGs all that. They say in an article I read that any injuries to your head even just a little bump on a door can make you more prone to positional Benin vertigo. I've had quite a few concussions so maybe its just some silly thing we can fix haha. And yes it makes you confused on whether or not you're experiencing anxiety or are actually unable to balance... let me know and good luck!!!

  • Is it constant or only when you change positions?

  • Seems to be just when I change positions which tells me it's pbv but I don't know enough about it to know and I've been feeling " off balance " kinda today but that could be having anxiety about the vertigo being something more serious ugh .... Vicious cycle

  • Yeah I really don't even like to go anywhere anymore because I'm afraid it'll happen somewhere I won't be able to sit down or whatever haha... that's def anxiety I wordy it'll happen so that's probably why it does, or at least what makes it worse. klonopin does help.

  • I can totally see anxiety playing off it and making it worse. I've been feeling that way today as I was downtown. Was terrified of falling over or passing out or something so I hurried out of there. Really not a nice feeling. I don't know much about klonopin but was prescribed buspirone on Monday... Haven't read too many good things and had a very terrible experience on Zoloft so I'm terrified to try anything else of course.

  • I personally don't like buspar, it actually caused panic attacks, but everyone is different. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine which are used to treat vertigo caused by anxiety, also All of the other crappy Feelings it causes us ...and yeah I'm not a fan of Zoloft it seemed to make me feel worse.

    Don't lose hope you'll fid the right one for you 😉

  • Get checked for positional benign vertigo.... and the a city can make it much worse, I i had to call an ambulance because I felt I couldn't even finish walking home it was so bad. feel better

    God speed


  • Yikes that's scary!! Mine has gone away on its own but I still plan to mention

    It to my doctor because now this morning I'm getting what seems to be high blood pressure almost passed out ugh always something!

  • Ah it was terrifying, not having control like that. I'm really happy to hear yours has disappeared and hopefully is gone for good... mine is I'm convinced anxiety but sometimes so severe even medicines can't help.. hopefully I will be better soon as well... Xo


    Always here to talk!

  • Thanks Sammie! I started hitting the gym to feel better but the day after I actually got up in the morning and almost passed out. Like a low blood pressure kinda feeling.. it was pretty scary. Don't know if I was dehydrated or what it was but im going to the doc tomorrow to mention it and the vertigo episodes. Im kinda terrified to be honest! hoping to get some tests done to set my mind at ease.

  • Hey girls i been dealing with anxiety symptoms for a 1yr and a half and its terrible. Dizzy all day 24/7 is like a dizzy - off balance feeling, fainting sensation, weird sensations in my head, fast heart beat, skipped heart beats and much more 😢 I have tried meds make my worst. Hope u both feel better

  • That's how I've been feeling currently. All the same symptoms. Makes it pretty hard to live a normal life. I've been here before and overcome it though just have to get through the tough part. I'm not currently on meds either. Tried Zoloft back in August and it was horrible. Trying different vitamins and excerzise when I can

  • I have the same problem. And I have children to look after. I feel so guilty and pray I get better x

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