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worry aout worrying


hi i do this every day i worry about worrying i dont understand it.

i could be cleaning or cooking the tea and i just stop what ever im doing go into a little world of my own and worry about worrying then when i come out of it (anything from 5 to 10 mins later i feel like end my life theres nothing wrong with my life so i dont understand why im like this i cant go out i think everyone is looking and talking about me i feel small un relation to everyone else i shake and sweat my legs ache and i just want to get home please help.

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I am sorry to see another post as long as 2 years ago without a reply

We are trying to get the Community more active and supporting again so if you still look on would be nice to hear how you are doing now :-)

Take Care x

janeanne in reply to Hidden

hi lulu 1 just to up date thing im just as bad if not worse, my partner passed away at the end of june from bowl cancer and its killing me i dont know what to do or who to turn to .

i dont come on here much anymore cos i think no one will understand me (well what im writing because i find it really hard to tell people what im feeling and thinking i dont know the words to use thank you for replying to my post you really are a kind person thank you.

Hidden in reply to janeanne

Hello :-)

I am glad you have come on and updated us and my heart is going out to you and so sorry to hear such sad news

I can only imagine how you must be feeling and I am not shocked that it will have fed your anxiety and you don't know which way to turn or what to do

Sometimes for me when I feel like this , I just have to tell myself get through each day as it comes as that is all I can manage to think , if I think long term it makes me feel I will loose the plot !

Have you spoken with your Doctor ? Counselling I think could be something that would really help

Don't worry about posting , talking on here , just say what you want to say , this is a place we don't judge and it is about how we feel which we all relate to even though our circumstances may be different the feelings , the anxiety , the fear they all feel the same and we all know what that is like so talk away :-)

Also on Health Unlocked there is a Community for Bereavement , not sure if you have come across it but I will put you a link that will take you straight to it so you can have a look and see if that will help in any way

If you need to talk we are here :-)

Take Care x


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