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What I don't like and worry

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I believe everyone here dealing with many disorders, and myself dealing with anxiety(might be health anxiety) and panic disorders. I hate the time when the physical symptoms hit on me which is mean everyday in different times

like dizzy, unbalance weakness, suddenly Extremely tired and sleepy, chest pain, muscle pains, racing heart rate, weak knee, feeling unreal of myself, feel like I'm out of my own body, jaw pain, random joint pains....... Many many of them

I really hate when they hit on me, I keep telling myself it's okay it will go away but they make me don't feel like wanna do anything and I will have bad mood .

And all of these physical symptoms make myself scared, when during the physical symptoms attack I will keep thinking am I okay ? Do I need to see a doctor check on me? Am I dying, I don't wanna die? And I feel the most safe its when I next to my partner or my close friends.

Has been doing meditation and listen to different kind of relaxation music to help me.

I would like to see all of your reply and support and please share your story with me as well 🙏🏻

8 Replies
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I have extreme health anxiety and I feel your pain. Every day I feel like something is going on or worrying that it will. It’s debilitating. I’ve tried Lexapro and Zoloft and they made me very sluggish and didn’t really help. Ive been dealing with it on my own for many years now. One thing that does help me is after I feel better about whatever was causing the anxiety, I remind myself how crazy it was to get worked up about that. For example, after 9/11 when the anthrax scares were happening, I convinced myself I had anthrax. I had eczema on my arm that a simple cream cleared up in a few day. It was far from anthrax, but that’s where my mind went. Until it went away, there was no convincing me otherwise. After that, I told myself how dumb it was to worry so much about it when it ended up being nothing more than dry skin. Several other instances have occurred and every time I feel better, I do the same thing. I hope one day to convince myself DURING the anxiety, rather than after.

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Amandasullivan12 in reply to Tmarchand1977

Omg i feel ur pain im going through this right now i have savere health anxiety and ive convinced myself i have ms as i have numbness i feel dizzie muscles are so weak i feel like im not realy here im so scared to go to the doctors because i beleive 100 percent there going to tell me i have a serious illness my foot goes numb my hands and legs im barely coping at tbe minute the fear that something is wrong with me is so overwhelming its all i can think about .

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John1995 in reply to Amandasullivan12

In the beginning of my anxiety which is last year, I will having weak/soft knees, dizzy, scared and worry, whole body just not feeling well at all, and after half year, getting chest pain, jaw pain, dizzy, back pain different kind of physical symptoms come and go

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Amandasullivan12 in reply to John1995

Its so crazy in my head im thinking it cant be anxiety causing these symptoms the whole this is just so scary.the doc has given me mitrazipine which for now seems like its helping a little well deffo helping with my sleeping.but taking that causing some physical symptoms which in away is making me think isit the meds or isit the illness i think i have thats causing it either way i just want it to be over i have 3 children 1 who is only 18 months its so diificult trying to deal with them and trying to deal with tbe feelings and thoughts im having.realy hope it passes soon coz at the minute im struggling .

Hello John1995 & Welcome :-)

Another Health Anxiety sufferer here as well as a few more anxiety issues so I know how you feel

I started with Health Anxiety at a very young age and it has grown with me till now a mature women I worry even more as when I was younger I could try and reason with myself I was to young to have all these life threatening things my anxiety would tell me I had , yet getting older my Health Anxiety cannot reason with that thought as well anymore and it can take over your every waking hour and thought

Also when I was young you had no one to talk to , there was no support out there and if you did mention it to anyone they would tell you to stop been stupid , I feel it is only recently that I feel more free to admit I have my problems and less people seem to tell me to stop been stupid even though I do find unless you suffer others don't seem to understand as well as they can soon get fed up of you , forget your good qualities and just slowly walk away so they don't have to listen any more , which is sad :-(

But on these Communities someone will always listen and so you don't have to be on your own and my advise would be to get all the help you can and yes go and see the Doctor , tell them everything you think you have wrong with you and at the same time ask what support , therapy or Counselling they could offer you to help deal with your anxiety :-)

Try and reverse the negative pattern of thinking you have adapted , not easy but can be done , so one thing is when you feel you have something life threatening ask yourself what actual evidence do you have to back this thought up , usually there are none other than you anxiety :-)

Take Care x

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It is great that there is a place like this to post & receive support. I empathize with you all even though my symptoms are not the same. It’s ok/a good idea, to see a doctor ; primary & psychiatrist. That is why they are in practice . Peace to all

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Hi I know exactly what you going through and everything you said relates to me... from my experience it does gets better. How long you’ve been battling with anxiety

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John1995 in reply to Bethanie17

I having for about 1 years only, I’m 23 years old work as a personal trainer! And I’m scared of training for this whole year. Slowly getting better and kind of controlling it! I will have a good day when less physical symptoms, when bad day I will keep thinking about it.

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