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A good day

This Morning was a good morning I got ready for my school run but soon as I got my coat on I felt like I was going to go dizzy and started feeling very sick! But has anyone ever had that sinking feeling where you think today you were going to have a really bad day ? But as I left the house I concentrated on talking to the children and even though the sickness feeling didn't go away I did not get a dizzy spell I dropped the children off to their classes and headed home but I did not think about it the thought of being dizzy and collapsing had gone I got home and smiled to myself today was the 1st day I didn't lose my breath or that my hart wasn't jumping out of my chest so I'm classing it as a win I still have 2 more school runs todo today but I wanted to share that for the 1st time in months I didn't scare myself or run home in tears I'm hoping this is a start to my road of recovery 😊 positive thinking

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Your post made me smile and I thought well done you :-)

You let the anxiety know who was in charge today and now you can see when you do it has no choice but to move on , but to do this it takes a lot of strength and staying focused and if I was you I would be feeling really proud of myself :-)

I hope you can keep putting this method int practice but if you need support you know where the Communities are and that we all understand how anxiety works so you are never alone :-)

Take Care x

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