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Good morning all I slept well last night and I've given my self the day off today Thursday apart from house work etc etc

I think all thou I'm having the day off I can't escape the hum drum stuff of life when Im feeling anxiety every small things gets to me so even making those phone calls to pay bills !! or doing housework makes me feel blah, as I've now set this day as a day off Im Going to try and just do that and I've decided only to do the things that make me feel better so no phone other than house stuff and today that's just just one call as soon as I get up as it's bothering me. So my day going to look like this Breakfast help with house work pay that bill go to gym do some relaxation go for a spin and gets some stuff for my home made curry that I am cooking latter friends are calling tonight for curry and chats looking forward to that ( sort off) and bed by 11:00 does that count as a day off ?

things I'm not going to do are

Fb as most of my customers are on my FB and not going to use my mobile it's going to be off all day there you go

What do you think also need to sets some time with my wife but thats another story xx

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Hi bigguy

Sounds like you've got a busy day ahead. well done for scheduliby some time off and fitting in some me time at the gym. What time do you need us all to cone round for the curry?

Jules x


Sounds like a busy day to me. Are you doing the things you want to do? I will be very impressed if you manage to not use your mobile today!!! Do please let me know if you manage it, I try and fail miserably!!!!!!!

Your evening sounds good, I wish I could enjoy having friends round without worrying about panic!!

Enjoy your day xxx


The more you have them round the easer it is tel them how your feeling the thinking about it via always by far the worst bit tell you anxiety your not stoping me From seeing my mates if there good mates they will understand I started seeing mates again a few weeks ago and it had helped me loads xxx

If there are any mates who are making you feel crap they are not xx


Morning, sounds like a very busy day, but lots of fun, enjoy yourself and don't be so hard on yourself, taking the day as it comes, will do you good having friends around, im the same as winter I panic when people come round, its a shame I don't have much social life lol, something for me to work on I guess.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your curry ! ive started doing my own onion bhaji's oh they are delicious :D

Take care xxx


Morning Stu

Stick to your plan & resist temptation !

Sounds like a good start & well done , the hard bit now as I no is sticking to it

Enjoy the coffee morning on here & post later with good news for us

I do enjoy good news :-)





Sounds like a productive day:)

We as a family make it a rule not to have our phones on on the week end. The weekend is family time:)

I'm doing a curry tonight too hope you have a good day and a enjoyable evening. :) x


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