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Good days 😃

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you on & reassure you that days will get better & have come to realise that the more I distract my mind from how I'm feeling, the better I feel so thought I'd share some tips.

So you start to feel anxious, accept it. You've felt all these feelings before & are still here to tell the tale. The longer you home in on how you are feeling, the longer it will stay. I know it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever but try to focus on something else (easier said than done I know) !

I've also got bored of feeling anxious & panicky! I feel like I'm my head now I say 'come on then, do your worse' reality is what's the worse that can happen? You'll feel uncomfortable, scared etc but the feeling will pass.

Last week I couldn't see a future for myself! All I thought about was how anxious I was & how every noise, pain, movement in my body was scaring me. It's horrible I know BUT it does & will get better.

Take each day as it comes, let bad days go & they become fewer.

Smile even if you really don't want to, just smile.

Lastly all I can say is I've got great comfort from talking to people on here & the reassurance has been AMAZING. If anyone ever needs me please contact me & I promise I'll be here to listen.


I wish each & every one of you all the calmest best wishes


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That's such a lovely post Ffaiers 😊

It's so reassuring to hear that you've been having better days. You're very right when you say, you've been through it before and you're still here to tell the tale. That's something I think we could all use to calm ourselves.

I also like the point you mention about accepting your anxiety. We all spend far too much time trying to block it out whereas if we accept it, it'll slowly get bored and leave our minds.

Thanks for your post. It definitely has encouraged me and I'm so it will do for others too 😊

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If you ever need to talk I'm here. I'm 18 years in to this now & has suffered recently & remember thinking 'this is never going to end' I'm stuck like this.

Days are getting better & I know that the mind is very powerful but sometimes we need to look past it & realise that by working ourselves up it's not going to help.

I'm always here xx


Thanks these communities do bring in the best people. It's so reassuring to speak to people that get it. In relation to most I'm quite a newbie to it all but I've lived too long thinking it's normal. Now I'm on this journey and I hope I can help others by sharing it. 😊

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I wish you all the very best xxx

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Hello Ffaiers :-)

Great to read how much you have improved and thank you for letting others know you can be really down but things do get better as you have proven this to be true :-)

I hope it long continues :-) x

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I agree I can distract myself abit I get pains in my head and things but they've never bothered me tbh so they rarely come all my anxiety is on my heart and I always get chest pains but the past couple of days ive rarely got them it does help to distract yourself but in the back of my mind im still anxious


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