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Not a bad morning!

Hey all. Today is a not so bad day (so far).

I have been on the school run, it was freezing cold and wet, so I cheered myself up and went to the shops.

I treated myself to a breakfast in the cafe (proud that I went just me & baby), & then I went and had a nosy. Bought myself a new winter coat which is lovely!!! I never treat myself, & I have to say it felt good!! I bought a few bits & bobs for my girls for Christmas (like they don't have enough already lol) but I couldn't resist the bargains!!

I am starting to worry a little over what to buy my parents, silly I know because they would go mad, but they are so difficult to buy for. They have pretty much everything & when I ask them they don't really answer. Any ideas would be much appreciated, I'd like to get them something different, but what I don't know!

Now I am back at home and the thought of packing up more of my home thrills me (NOT). Cuppa first is a must!!

Hope you have all had a good morning xxx

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Hey LooLoo,

Sounds like a good morning:)

How about a calendar with your babies and family?

Or picture of you all on a canvas?

We did this last year and it went down really well:)

Hope your day continues to be good:) xx


That's a lovely idea thank you! I have just found lovely unique page on fb also that do wall plaques and really pretty bits. I think I'll invest.

How is your day going? xx


Hi LooLoo

Glad you have had a good morning & I no as Mums with young kids we can forget to treat ourselves as we are so busy making sure they have what they want & more , so really pleased you have got yourself something , because we do deserve it !

Its cold here to , have the heating on , just wondering how much its costing to keep warm !

Thats a good idea Yummi has said about the calender

I have always had this problem as my Dad has everything !

I do think though something personalized is a good idea

Maybe put in Google for ideas , tesco on line have a photo printing shop , & offers , if you have 10 minutes to have a browse , that may throw up some ideas :-)

Let us no if you find anything :-)





Hey whywhy. It is going to cost me a fortune haha, but I don't care, I cannot bare to be cold. I'm a freezer!!

I found a lovely sight on fb, that do personalised plaques and other bits and pieces, so I am going to order and look at getting a calender :) Perfect.

How's your day going? xx


Hi LooLoo

I think you can see now by my post how my day went , so I wont say anymore on that one :-/

I was on FB & saw there were things on there not had time to look yet though

I am glad you seem to have got sorted with something

This site can help with anything cant it :-D



Hi Looloo

sounds like a great morning to me, well done you.

Nice to treat ourselves at times and a winter coat in this weather sounds a great idea.

have a google for presents for your parents you will be surprised what comes up.

Keep packing soon be all done.

Let us know how the search goes.

Gardener x


Hi gardener. Found a nice sight on fb with lovely plaques and things. Definatley going to order. I'm thinking of a photo calender also.

The packing is getting done, slowly..I am sat with a cuppa (again) just googling things. It's just too appealing haha.

Hope your having a good day xx


Sounds like you had a really productive morning, I love a bit of retail therapy and well done for going for breakfast too that was very brave. It's always good to have a bit of me time

Jules x


Hi Jules. Yes it was so nice, and got to eat my breakfast in peace as the babs slept through it :)

I like retail therapy, but lately I very rarely buy for me, always the kiddies. So it was nice.

Hope your well xx


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