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Living with Anxiety
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Can anyone who suffers daily from generalized anxiety and depression how they deal w/ relationships?

My relationship with my bf of two years started out great but as my anxiety and depression progressively got worse ( agoraphobia too) and I lost my job I stopped going out to theaters and resteraunts ( for fear of having a panick attack) I find myself constantly down, tired, sick, irritable and annoyed. I constantly take it out on him. I have trouble being around him all the time ( find myself annoyed) I know I love him and want it to work but my mental health is tearing us apart ( already do counseling, yoga, biking, medications and vitamins)

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You seem to be doing all good things to work on your anxiety /stress. Have you been on medication long. If so and you still feel this bad, maybe you should talk to your doctor about different meds. Along with all you are doing, you need to really work on your thoughts. Negative thoughts can drain your energy. Most of our energy comes from what is going on inside of us. It takes time (months, years ) to renew your mind. All bad thoughts can work to good thoughts. Focus on others and keep busy so you are not focusing on how you feel. You have to take responsibility for your life. See what you can do for your boyfriend, friends, family instead of what they can do for you. Getting better is hard work but worth the effort. It's all up to you. Trust you can do it. Don't forget God and prayer.


Hey, you should message me! I relate to this so so much xxx


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