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Bleeding for three weeks now

I've being bleeding now for three weeks my doc didn't even check me it has me very nervous as it's bright red blood terrible pains across the top of my stomach I've been on.the pill 3 years is this normal as I'm so tierd she's putting everything down to anxiety but I don't think this is normal going back to her again tmro someone no if it's normal or not

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Try not to be alarmed , I know it is not easy and yes go back again tomorrow not everything should be put down to anxiety and 3 weeks is a while and will be draining you but it does not mean anything serious is wrong but needs investigating , change of pill maybe ? but your Doctor I think was out of order today !

Let us know how you get on x

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Thanks bounce you've been there from the start might go to walk in tonight or weight till tmro thanks again

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See how you feel and go to one or the other but on this one they cannot put it down to anxiety , it no doubt will be something simple but you need it sorted x


That doesn't sound anything lime anxiety hun sorry to say you would know if you suffered anxiety symptoms. And them you just described are not anxiety ask for second opinion babes


Hi I do suffer severe anxiety choking feeling in neck like someone is choking me and smothering me can't go to collect my child from school keep getting weak and feel as if im going to die my hole body feels weird and feel as if im going to choke that post you answered was just another crazy thing going wrong with my body also losing loads of weight from feeling as if. Choking on my food believe me I do no the symptoms as I wake every day trying to get through the day without being scared of being on my own thanks for reply anyways


Hi, how are you now x


The bleeding Has stopped thank god but not doing to good with this choking feeling it's really tearing me down sometimes I feel as if im going to lose it like something stuck at the back of my tongue and someone choking me how are you doing hope you are doing better than me



If you continue to have doubts about your doctor, I hope that you will look for new one. Perhaps your friends can suggest one they go to and with whom they

are very satisfied . I am not sure just how you check up on the credentials and

standing of a new doctor you have chosen . It is probably through the state in which you are living.

Feeling confident in your physician is crucial, especially when you are dealing

with something which is out of the ordinary and causing you anxiety.

Best of luck, and please report back to update us on how you are doing.


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